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Best Rated Multiplayer VR Games

The VR world is expanding and it is taking over the tech market. There are a lot of VR headsets, games, and apps that come with affordable prices. A VR headset can make you feel as if you are inside the game. However, you need to find the right headset for that. If you already have the headset and you played a few games, this article is for you.

Here you will find some of the best rated multiplayer VR games. You can play them anytime you get bored of playing VR by yourself. If you like these games and you want to see more best rated multiplayer VR games, you can check out Top Best VR’s article. Now let’s see which games are best to play with your friends.

Echo Arena

Best Rated Multiplayer VR Games - Multiplayer VR GamesImage source: Oculus

This is one of the best multiplayer games for VR. It is a great option for people who like robots, space, and sports. Your team and you are in a zero-gravity arena. All you have to do is to toss a glowing disk to the opposing team. While it might seem like a really easy game to play, it has a lot of obstacles that make this game hard.

When you play this game you also get to exercise a bit since you will have to move around and toss the disk. Also, if you want to stop the opposing team for a while, you can punch them. Make sure to avoid all of the obstacles in the arena by moving around. You can find this game in the Oculus Library for free.

The Unspoken

Best Rated Multiplayer VR Games - Multiplayer VR GamesImage source: Oculus

If you always loved movies with wizards, this is a game for you. In this game, you are a wizard and you need to fight with other wizards. This is one of the most popular games for Oculus Rift. One of the best things is that it is pretty realistic. When you fight with others you can cast spells and change the environment.

This game revolves around combat between players. However, you can also play against an AI but it gets a little boring. Enter the magical world of VR with the Unspoken and you will be able to summon creatures to help you in battle. This game can be found in the Oculus Library at the price of $29.99.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Best Rated Multiplayer VR Games - Multiplayer VR GamesImage source: PlayStation Store

This is a game for people who like guns and sports. RIGS is a combat game also but this time you are fighting with robots. You can shoot them, toss them around, and smash them. You can play in any of the three game modes (Endzone, Team Takedown, and Powerslam). No matter the game mode, the main goal is to catch the bad robots.

RIGS is a great multiplayer game for people who want to move a lot while playing. This is not a simple game because there are a lot of obstacles you need to tackle. However, it is a really fun game when you play it with your friend. This game costs around $29.99 and you can find it in the PlayStation store.


Best Rated Multiplayer VR Games - Multiplayer VR GamesImage source: Oculus

This is another great game for those who love wizard and magic. It is similar to The Unspoken. You will have to play against other wizards and try to win the online duel. The setting of the game is very interesting and it comes with amazing graphics. You will become a wizard in London in the 1880s in no time.

While it is a multiplayer game, you can practice offline so you don’t lose the first few seconds in the online arena. If you want to have more chances to beat your opponent, you can even equip your wand with different spells. One of the best things about this game is the low price. You can purchase it from the Google Play store at $5.99.

These are some of the best multiplayer VR games. Some of them can only be played with Oculus Rift while other work with PSVR and many other headsets. You just need to select the one you like. Before you purchase any of these games make sure to read a few reviews in order to learn more about the game.

Also, it is important to make sure that you can play these games on your PC, gaming system, and VR headset. Some of these games are not compatible with older VR headsets and you might experience connection problems. Don’t forget to have fun while playing these amazing games with your friends.