ASUS and Noctua Preparing Co-Designed RTX 3070 -

ASUS and Noctua Preparing Co-Designed RTX 3070

ASUS has recently filed for a trade name registration for an SKU named “RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA” with the Eurasian Economic Commission. This is pretty much all the details that’s around for this model and its unknown if ASUS is actually working on the card itself at the moment. Given that it is a current card, this is highly likely and ASUS is already working with Noctua to supply their ROG Ryujin and Ryujin II with their iPPC fans.

The image used in the thumbnails are fan renders and do not represent the possible design of this collaboration but expect to see it more from media reporting this bit of news. At the moment, Noctua supplies black fans with black noise dampeners to ASUS for their AIO coolers, a variation of Noctua’s popular fans and are part of their .chromax line of products. That said, it is very unlikely that ASUS will sport Noctua’s iconic brown fans as Noctua themselves has acknowledged that retail buyers do prefer the more neutral colors and they are working on it prior to the release of .chromax products.

ASUS has worked with EK waterblocks for custom motherboard monoblocks and GPU fullblocks already so they do work with aftermarket cooling companies. This project could be similar to aftermarket coolers for GPUs like those made by Arctic and their Accelero series of VGA coolers.