ASRock Forecast: GPU Mining To Drop in Late 2021

Its was previously reported that ASRock is very optimistic about their growth in GPU sales and has made some very bold forecasts. Digitimes via TechPowerUp reports that ASRock is also seeing growth in GPU shipments in Q2 2021 despite the GPU shortage that the world is experiencing right now. ASRock is also forecasting that GPU mining will decline particularly in the Chinese market.

The company expects that GPU availability will improve in H2 2021. This is a bold prediction as the company is betting their standing on GPU availability, particularly AMD graphics cards which have not been as desirable as NVIDIA RTX 30 cards. ASRock is currently an exclusive AMD partner but has experienced a nearly 40% sales growth from last quarter owing great from GPU sales.

ASRock has had challenges keeping up their motherboard sales due to CPU shortages from both AMD and Intel but their GPUs are seeing a good upturn in revenue. With GPU demands for mining diminishing, supply are expected to improve which should in turn help in pricing.