ASRock: China Crypto Demand Decreasing, GPU Prices Dropping

ASRock is reportedly making plenty of revenue from their GPU business which has only been integrated into the company very recently. The company expects that sales revenue will increase despite the decreasing price and demand from the Chinese market for GPUs which are primarily used for enterprise cryptocurrency mining operations. ASRock is also saying that AMD GPU stocks should improve in quantity soon with materials increasing in capacity, reports DigiTimes.

ASRock is reporting a $17.88M profit for Q1 2021 up by 39.7% QoQ and 167% YoY. This is despite ASRock suffering diminished motherboard sales which has been the company’s core consumer business. This is due to continued shortages from both Intel and AMD’s CPUs  and ASRock is still expecting that both will continue to be encumbered by CPU shortages until Q4 2021.

China is arguably the largest cryptocurrency mining region in the world but recent events relating to mining in China have made it very difficult for the country’s miners to continue operations. US and other regions that are hotbeds of cryptocurrency mining could act soon as well either thru economic means or environmental repercussions which should cause a snowball effect on many operations and the cryptocurrency mining landscape in general. Regardless, any potential to open up supplies of GPUs for gamers would be good news for many.

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