AMD Zen 4 Confirmed to be Built on 5nm -

AMD Zen 4 Confirmed to be Built on 5nm

During the company’s earnings call a few days ago for the Q2-2020 financials, AMD disclosed some information regarding its plans for the forthcoming months.
AMD assured that their focus was on maintaining a stable and predictable roadmap, and that their roadmap has not changed, and they intend to execute everything on time.
“Over the past couple of quarters what we’ve seen is that they see our performance/capability. You can count on us for a consistent roadmap. Milan point important for us, will ensure it ships later this year. Already started engaging people on Zen4/5nm. We feel customers are very open. We feel well positioned,” –  CEO Dr Lisa Su.

Other details revealed was Dr. Lisa Su reaffirming that Zen 3 before the end of 2020 much the other times she’s confirmed it in recent months. RDNA2 is also confirmed for the consumer graphics segment. A 2021 debut has been mentioned for the RDNA3 graphic architecture on an “Advanced Node”.

Dr. Lisa Su commented that supply for 7nm is “still tight” for AMD and given they are at the mercy of TSMC, the company is reliant on their overall performance for growth.