AMD Web Store Queue System Leaves Buyers Disappointed -

AMD Web Store Queue System Leaves Buyers Disappointed

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A Reddit thread spotted by TechPowerUp sees a collection of users showing their frustration over AMD’s online store and its seemingly broken function. Redditor u/frescone69 voices out their disappointment by starting the Reddit thread and stating that AMD’s online store’s queue system was paused but apparently once the queue commenced, the GPU stocks were all sold out as shown above.

AMD runs an online store for some regions which allows users to purchase AMD products directly from the company which is operated by ecommerce partner Digital River. The site reported runs a queueing system for those shopping in the site when a product drop occurs. Due to the scarcity of nearly everything computer-related nowadays, these drops attract significant traffic when they happen.

Multiple users are reporting the same issue with a queue pause in place but noone being able to cart anything after the queue commences some time after. No user who has gotten a product responded to the comment.

This online store is not available in Asian territories.