Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts?

If you’ve lost individual parts or broke some of it, you may be looking for replacement parts for your Gundam model kit. You’d be happy to know that Bandai actually offers replacement parts for your gunpla but international support for this replacement service has been somewhat limited as of late. That said, many replacement parts service have actually popped up offering some way to replace your model kit’s parts. I actually requested Bandai a few parts before but have never needed to do so until recently. I decided to make this post just to quickly share which methods I use to get my individual replacement parts for my Gundam model kits.

I Broke/Lost my Gundam Part

We’ve all been there: lost parts on your model kit and sometimes you can live with it like a lost thruster bell or a optional weapon handle but there are cases where you absolutely need it. In my case, I was doing a commission work for an PG RX-78-2 when I lost the handle for one of its thermal blades. Now in cases where a Gundam doesn’t display the handle in visible places and thus is a totally optional part, this is ok. But this is the RX-78-2 we’re talking about. It prominently displays its sword handles on its backpack which dons its  shoulder. It basically makes the silhouette of the unit.

The last time I lost a part was during the launch of the Nu Ver Ka and I had to recast the missing wrist armor I lost because Bandai was not offering free international parts replacement for their Gundam model kits then. Apparently, some people abused this privilege and the company just stopped making it readily available to international buyers. This was really frustrating and I had to weigh my options.

Gundam Replacement Parts

For those who are just new to Gunpla and building Gundam model kits, Bandai actually offers free parts replacement but its not as smooth as it used to be. Back before the 2010s, one can openly contact Bandai and they will send the required parts to you regardless of territory. This has changed dramatically over the years and now in 2021, options have substantially changed as Bandai now sells replacements instead of offering them free. This is actually how Kotobukiya has done it ever since. Still, options have changed. Now, aside from recasting or scratch-building lost or missing individual Gundam parts, there has emerged a little economic segment that focuses on selling replacement parts.

From what I recall, this originated in Japan but a store in South Korea also sells parts but not just individual parts, entire module assemblies like a complete MG kit’s waist or head unit as well entire wings set for the Strike Freedom or Wing Zero Custom from HG all the way to PG. I have tried finding online ways to reach these stores but have been in vain. This is where middleman services come in. If you’re for this right now, chances are you’ll see results in Google of “parts replacement service” wherein individuals or businesses (like this one) will source the part you need and they will charge you for those part, the shipping cost as well as their liaison fee or handling fee. As Bandai now sells them, many have taken to building a business around offering replacement services but these people operate more as a side hustle rather than a full operation.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts – Mecha Parts Guy

In contrast to what I mentioned above, there exists shops that actually do keep an inventory of replacement parts and we have a couple of shops here for my global audience as well as my folks at home. For the rest of the world, you can check Gundam replacement parts for your kits from Mecha Parts Guy

Mecha Parts Guy keeps an inventory of entire runners as well as individual parts so you can choose the ones you need. Prices are quite affordable and there are numerous kits in stock so you can stock up on other whether just for replacement or full mod projects.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? - Gundam replacement parts
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 46

Shopping around their sites, you’ll see parts offered in either individual (denoted by single in the name) or full. Shown above is an individual runner with the frame identifier in the name e.g. Runner frame C and a drop-down on the page lets you select which one you need. Please refer to your manual on which one you need i.e. if you need an entire assembly like an entire head, you will need to add to your shopping cart all the parts listed in the manual. For example, an entire HG head may need A1, A2, C4, C5, F8, H1, H2 and PC2, you will need to add those in individually.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? - Gundam replacement parts
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 47

Once done, you can head on to check-out where you’ll get your total cost. Depending on the size of your shipment and your location, prices will vary.

Mecha Parts Guy offers shipping to most countries thru USPS with insurance covered by Route. Shipments will usually be around 3 weeks or more for non-US locations.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? - Gundam replacement parts
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 48

Depending on the amount your order whether if its entire frames or individual parts, Mecha Parts Guy has protective packaging for the parts as seen above with a cushion-lined box. The parts themselves are cut away from the tree and gates are still present so can refine them as needed.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? - Gundam replacement parts
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 49

If your kit is not listed, you can contact Mecha Parts Guy directly and ask for a specific part and they can work with you to secure that replacement. Do note that factors like the exclusivity of your kit or overall rarity could affect availability but its better to ask.

If you need someone specialized in getting your Gundam replacement parts, Mecha Parts Guy is a great source for anyone in the world to fix up your projects or get some spares. There’s also other kits in the store so browse around and check-out what they have over on Mecha Parts Guy.

Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts in the Philippines?

I kind of made it sound like the Gundam parts replacement middleman service is bad in our opening but as Mecha Parts Guy shows, having it in inventory is infinitely better its more efficient. For my folks at home though, I just spotted this seller in Shopee Philippines that offers this exact service.

Gundam Replacement Parts seller - Calily

I found the shop while looking for spare parts or 3rd-party replacements for my missing PG RX-78-2 sword and he was offering a single individual part of the OG Gundam. I messaged the seller and got a prompt response:

Chatting with the Gundam replacment parts seller for specific parts

I specifically listed the runner numbers of the individual parts needed. Lo and behold, a few hours later he said yes, and we were in business.

After the chat, the seller listed the parts I needed in their page
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 50

He made a listing of the parts I needed so I can buy it. The total cost was Php798 and Php40 for shipping.

Got my replacement part!

I’m sorry to the seller in advance but I have to say I had reservations about this purchase so I was really not expecting them to push through or screw up. So here’s the box that my parts came in. Its around 3 inches wide and an inch thick. They could’ve wrapped in a plastic pouch but I was really surprised about the care taken here. Inside, we have a scrunched-up roll of news paper with a decent amount of bubble wrap covering the actual plastic case where the parts are housed.

My new Gundam replacement parts
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 51

The parts are inside this plastic container. I assume they provide larger ones or least find a way to protect parts when shipping them. The metal upgrade label seems to be meant for metal parts the seller also sells.

Side by side with my original handle that I had to replace
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 52

Here’s the missing parts as sent by the seller. The built sword handle is the original Bandai one I have, the parts on the right are the ones sent as replacement. I like that they did not cut all the way to the part but the biggest question I have is if these are original Bandai parts.

Close-up shot of that Gundam replacement part
Where to Buy Gundam Replacement Parts? 53

To be honest, I have no idea or way to prove that these are original Bandai parts. Comparing them closely and basing off the seamline depth and cuts with a magnifying glass, they could pass off as legit. I have built TT Hongli PGs before and I don’t recall them being this sharp. The seller does say these are legit parts and he does send photos of the manuals citing the parts you need in Japanese.

They don’t send spare plastic or the sprues themselves so I can check closer via a cross section.

But in closing, these are good enough for me and I don’t want to buy another kit just to be pile in spares so paying the Php798 (around $20US) is fair enough for me. The shipment was sent within a week so really cool and the seller responds literally round-the-clock so very impressive.

So there you have it, if you don’t want to deal with a middleman buying service to get your parts from Japan or South Korea, you can check out this store in Shopee Philippines. If you’re in Malaysia or another Shopee region, the page could be there but I have not checked. I’ve also checked if the seller is in Aliexpress but couldn’t find them. If you’re somewhere else other than the Philippines, you can head over to Mecha Parts Guy for an active Gundam replacement parts for your model kit.