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What is the Best WOW Expansion

World of Warcraft has been around for the last 16 years and has provided players with all kinds of fun experiences. The most astounding element about this open-world multiplayer role-playing game is that it offers consistent expansions. Expansions are the extensions offered to players in terms of different levels or completely new maps that they can explore for themselves. These expansions keep the core abilities of the game intact while adding a unique touch to the whole endeavor. World of Warcraft is filled with all these amazing expansions. Many players might have different favorites but the following are the most incredible and all-time loved expansions from WoW; By the way,  if you think you need to go through a painful grinding to enjoy the endgame, you’ll be wondering with services that can get you there for you, like WoW boost services, that allow you to play with PRO guilds and players with getting the best possible loot in game and save time. Boosting services are widespread in WoW because they help players with time-consuming activities.

  • Mists of Pandara

This expansion is not considered the best of the WoW expansions but is still an honorable mention. The environment depicted in this expansion is breathtaking and the story is definitely not subpar. The quests in this very expansion were a bit of an overstretch; mainly the very thing that pushed the ranking of this expansion below others. The siege of Orgrimmar was extremely long with not a lot of plot twists which made playing the game a tedious task hence the expansion might not be among your favorites.

But even so, the story and some of the quest highlights were extremely motivating. This is the expansion where players got to build their own farms and start farming for the sake of increasing their XP. Being able to grow your crops and reap rewards in return had to be the best thing about this expansion.

  • Shadowlands

Shadowlands is another extremely naive addition to the WoW plot. It might not have much to offer being the recent addition and all but even so, it dominates various WoW old problems which used to drive players nuts. The WoW battle of Azeroth is known for certain problems such as skill problems in the heart of the Azeroth, Warfronts, and expeditions which are duly addressed in Shadowlands.

Shadowlands helps the players to focus on customization, power and game choices, and more which was a missing aspect in other expansions. This gives the player the freedom to craft their own in-game character with a subtle XP and power level. You can change the armor, weaponry, or for that matter any given aspect of your player in real-time.

  • Legion

Legion by far is one of the greatest WoW expansions as it focuses on the delivery of a better and advanced apocalyptic environment than what was featured in Azeroth. The most notable elements of this expansion are the incredible invasions in both large and small fleets, featuring a true open-world PvE (player vs environment) and the best storytelling there is.

Some of the most notable characters were introduced in these expansions such as Sargeras burning legion which was also heavily featured in the burning crusade. Demon hunters are another character introduced in this expansion with their own particular storyline, to begin with.

  • Wrath of the Lich king

This second expansion in the WoW universe is not only exceptional but a personal favorite of many players. In this, you are tasked with stopping the nominal character from wreaking havoc and inducing chaos into the world while the undead minions rise from the far corners of the Azeroth. Wrath expansion also did bring the first WoW hero class which is the death knight starting in Acherus. Players are also introduced with the two-handed weapon yielding which is more effective against smaller and boss enemies alike and offers great survivability to the player via auto-healing.

  • The burning crusade

The burning crusade is the first expansion to the original WoW series which first hit the mainstream in 2007. This is the best WoW Expansion by far and the one on which all WoW fans would agree unanimously. This expansion has got a lot of fond memories attached to it and this is what makes this stand out from the rest of them. The burning crusade did branch out on the player customization and exploring the mystic beauty of the WoW universe for the first time.

Some might mistake this expansion to be amazing for the nostalgic value it holds but it is much more than that. Many features that are present in each and every WoW game did make their debut in the burning crusade which will be the most cherishing aspect about this expansion being merged into each and everyone out there.