What Are The Best Sports to Bet On? -

What Are The Best Sports to Bet On?

Sports betting makes up nearly 30% to 40% of the global betting market, which also includes casinos, lotteries, poker, and other gaming. It is estimated that over half a trillion is wagered in gambling across the globe every year. In the United States alone, Investment firm Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2025 the betting market will generate approximately $7 billion in revenue, counting from the $833 million calculation in 2019.

Across all sports, betting is now active with newer niches like eSports being the fastest growing both in betting and player viewership as well as participation. But there have always been a couple of staple giants that account for most of the international sports betting market. Depending on the country, these figures may vary but for the most part, here are the most popular sports to bet on.


Football (or soccer as what our American friends like to call it) is the most well-known sport in the world. Obviously, football punters have the highest overall wagering volume.

Nevertheless, most famous pro bettors prefer to wager on other sports such as horse racing, basketball, cricket, tennis, handball, eSports, volleyball, ice hockey, etc. The reason behind this craze is that football is a low-scoring game, and although less scoring is not necessarily as dry as dust, the occurrence of random results is higher. Hence making football a challenging sport to predict.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is another sport that will undeniably make you rich if you play the game right. But unlike football, horse racing is not a very popular game for starters. This means there are higher chances for you as you can relish more of the plunder.

What Are The Best Sports to Bet On? -

To the ordinary spectator, horse racing may seem like a challenging sport to gamble on. This is mainly because most viewers see every horse as having an equal opportunity of winning the game.

However, as your fascination continues to grow, you shall start to observe the odds tilting in whichever favor. Not every casino online offers horse racing but if you do just like online casino singapore, you may end up making a small buck from the sport before anyone else realizes and takes on the opportunity.


Tennis is another sport that offers tons of opportunities for bettors in the gambling industry to make some cash. The fast-paced sport offers bettors a chance to place a wager on each set of the play like it is a separate sport. This enables bettors to decide on which player will lead in the next hour during the match.


With online gambling becoming legal in the United States, American Football is most likely to be big sports betting champion. The NFL and its climaxing Super Bowl are viewed and wagered on globally and the gambling market can only grow from here.


Although rugby is not as well-known as the other sports, the countries that do become interested in it have an incredible passion for it. There might be a unique blend of the tactics’ depth mixed with physicality and immediacy, making it different from a wagering perspective.

This is because a bettor can enjoy both more thoughtful markets appropriate for professionals, while newbies still can follow their thoughts and decide on something simple at the top rugby wagering sites.

Rugby is a high-scoring sport as well. Therefore, there can be a lot of opportunities of winning when it comes to over and under markets.


Over the last few years, golf has been one of the biggest risers in sports betting. With numerous betting formats and 78 athletes competing at any given moment in the game, it is not difficult to notice why this is such a well-known game with bettors.

Big events can run for three days while major ones can run across four days. Add that to the number of golfers on the field and you have plenty of variable outcomes, odds, and opportunities than there are with other sports.


While it may have been eclipsed by tennis, golf, and football, boxing is another sport synonymous with betting for many years and it is still a big one. On the other hand, MMA is a comparatively new sport, but through UFC’s history, the figures are getting even bigger.


Esports earned the top spot as the fastest-growing sport in the market when it comes to betting volume. Its increased popularity is pushing bookmakers to either fall behind or adapt fast.

Virtual racing has been around for years but just this 2020 other online sports have mushroomed in popularity with all the major bookmarkers offering various eSports betting competitions. The booming volume is quickly running revenue generation across the industry of sports betting.


Maybe because the USA has a more complicated history with web gaming than their counterparts in Europe, most people do not always think their sports get the respect that they deserve in the community of sports betting. Nowhere is this truer than with wagering on basketball.

NBA at its highest level is a high-speed burst of pure gambling thrill. Everything happens in a couple of minutes, and that is what makes the NBA a great option for a variety of prop and live bets.

In addition, the team is so distinguished, and playing each other more frequently means that this is a goal for those punters who have the passion for the stats and get invested in the game even more.


If you are looking for a sport to really get involved in, nothing like cricket to lose yourself in. Not only is it amazingly strategic and deep, but it also comes in many various forms, such as Twenty20 and Test cricket.

What Are The Best Sports to Bet On? -

What’s more, is that the top cricket betting sites enable you to select what cricket type you want to wager on. A great option of creative and deliberate cricket markets further makes you take into account the game from all kinds of different angles, with the best gambling sites out there making sure that all the details and updates you need are provided across long games.

Betting on cricket does exactly what all the best sports betting should do and that is to make the experience of the game even better, whether you win or lose.

The Verdict

Ultimately, the most profitable sport to wager on is the sports punters are more knowledgeable about. Since most US punters passionately follow football, obviously, it is typically the most profitable sport for them.

The more you follow a certain sport, the more you get to know about their teams and the best chance you can have at predicting results. However, other sports such as basketball and tennis offer gigantic value when you place your stakes at the right time.

The more you do your due diligence of a betting line before you wager, the better chance you have at making a fortune out of sports betting.