Ways you can de-stress and relax in the current crisis -

Ways you can de-stress and relax in the current crisis

With the current pandemic going on, you should not blame yourself if you have felt over-stressed, lonely, or depressed. It is not surprising with the restrictions that have been put in place to keep everyone safe. The need to lift spirits is overwhelming, and little connections which were probably not so noticeable before are very conspicuous and deeply felt now they are gone.

There is a real need to keep busy and keeping your mind focused while keeping yourself relaxed is probably the best route through the current situation.

In truth, there are only so many films, and TV shows that anyone can watch without turning their brains to jelly. Looking into other forms of entertainment to alleviate boredom and stimulate the mind is definitely the answer.

#1 Get out there and exercise

Going for walks around your neighborhood can alleviate boredom and stress as well as giving a gentle amount of exercise. It may also provide a little social interaction by greeting others who feel the same way as you. It can also be of interest to see what is going on in your neighborhood, which you may not have noticed before if you usually just drive through.

#2 Try your hand at gardening

Enjoying your garden and having time to spend out there is relaxing and will also give you some exercise. If you find gardening uninteresting, perhaps focus on making an entertaining area so that friends and family have somewhere comfortable for BBQs or get-togethers when the pandemic is all over.

#3 Get out the paintbrush and redecorate your home (well, some of it anyway)

Try a bit of DIY in your home. It does not have to be a masterpiece, but a lick of paint here and there to freshen up a tired room can make all the difference and make you feel that you have accomplished something. It has to be said, though, that once you finish one room, it will make the next look like it needs some love  – and so on.

#4 Get online and play some games

So, you have everything else on the list. You feel that there is only so much time you can spend walking around the block. Your garden is gorgeous and ready to entertain. You really cannot paint any more of your house without going back to its original color. Then, perhaps it is time to sit and relax and try some gaming pastimes.

Now there are many different types of gaming to try. Whether they be online games like three-of-a-kind matching ones, build your own town, have your own farm, or the excitement of slot games that can be dipped in and out of which you can find in an online casino. These are available to be played on a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Although they do need access to the internet, they can be played anywhere.

There are console games, generally on discs, though some old vintage types have cartridges and use the TV as a monitor. Most do not need any connection to the internet but you will only be able to play these in your home – but they are very enjoyable. Until that is, another member of the household decides that they have only seen their favorite movie 99 times and that they really need to make it 100 and therefore require the TV.