Top 9 Things To Do When You Want to Get Better at Destiny 2

If you’ve just started playing Destiny 2, it’s likely that you feel a bit lost and confused. No doubt, this game is huge and consists of many elements that aren’t always easy to grasp at the beginning. This guide is here to provide you with the D2 help you need, break down all popular strategies and tips, and tell you a bit more about a Destiny 2 PvP boost.

Explore ways of getting better gear 

Obtaining a nice piece of gear is not a problem in this game. Of course, if you are hunting for a particular set, it might be hard to get it right away, but in general, it’s extremely easy to find something worthy. Go on adventures, complete missions, participate in various events, as well as try out many other activities to get new gear.

Do public events 

Unfortunately, this part of this game is often left ignored, when it can actually give you a great boost when it comes to leveling up fast in Destiny. You can complete them with other players in the game or your friends and earn tons of XP and rewards.

Top 9 Things To Do When You Want to Get Better at Destiny 2 -

Learn more about weapons 

To find a perfect Destiny weapon pack, you will have to try playing with various weapons first. There are 4 types of weapon damage, and it would be a good idea to have a few of each type available in your weapon collection. Here is a list of all types of weapon damage:

  • Void
  • Kinetic
  • Arc
  • Solar

Each type has its own symbol that’s usually displayed near the title of the weapon. The best way to determine which kind would be best for your playstyle and character is to just try all of them out in a battle.

Don’t start using mods right at the beginning

Mods are a great way to upgrade your gear and enhance its abilities, but this process requires some resources that you might need more at the early stages of playing the game and getting used to it. You can always go back to the mods, so it’s not necessary to do it right away. 

Gather resources

Right after you jump into the game, you’ll notice there are many items you can pick up everywhere. Don’t ignore them; later on in the game, you’ll be able to exchange them and get some rewards. 

Don’t jump right into PvP

There is no need in putting your effort and energy into competing with other players while you are still at the beginning of your D2 journey. Instead of rushing things, focus on finding proper gear and weapons.

Top 9 Things To Do When You Want to Get Better at Destiny 2 -

Get some armor 

Armor is an important part of the powerleveling process. While you are just at the beginning, grab armor that allows you to raise your level. But once you get used to the game’s mechanics and get deeper into details, you will have to pay attention to the stats that will provide your character with enhanced abilities and improved strength.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a piece of advice 

There are many experienced players who are ready to share some tips with you. For example, you can use a Destiny 2 boost service, which will provide you with assistance from PRO players who are happy to share their knowledge with you. There is always a solution, no matter what kind of challenges you’re dealing with at the moment.

Team up with pro players

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Top 9 Things To Do When You Want to Get Better at Destiny 2 -

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