Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 – January 2019)

Building your own gaming PC is now an ease as 2018 closes with better deals. This is now achievable thanks to the lower prices of memory modules and SSDs. And as a cherry on top, GPU prices have normalized as a result from the crashing cryptocurrency market. Most people think that a AAA gaming pc would require a budget of at least Php 50,000 excluding a monitor and peripherals. This build guide is to prove otherwise. A budget of Php 30,000 is already enough to merit a gaming PC build that’s enough to play the latest AAA titles with enough lee way for upgradability to a better powerhouse. With that said, a 30k gaming pc is a sweet spot for most gamers with some spare budget for a 1080p monitor and a set of gaming peripherals.

In this Build Guide, we will be focusing on RAW performance meaning that we will be shying away from fancy designs, accessories and RGB lighting. The main reason being that these aren’t factors that contribute to FPS generated by our Php 30,000 Gaming PC build. Now, on to the parts we’ve chosen to fit the 30k budget.


  • Prices for this build are based of PCHub’s Pricelist
  • All parts are Brand New
  • Prices shown are CASH prices, not SRP nor Promo price
  • Prices used are based on the time of writing, future prices may be lower or higher.


30k Gaming PC Build
CPU Intel Core i3 8100 6,600  
MoBo ASRock B360M Pro 4 4,370
RAM Geil Evo Spear 4GB DDR4 2400 x2 3,380
HDD WD Blue1TB 2,190
GPU Galax 1050Ti OC 4GB   7,510  
PSU FSPHydro 600w 80+ Bronze 2,840
Case Tecware Nexus 1,950  
TOTAL Php 28,840
Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

CPU: Intel Core i3 8100

Php 6,600

The i3 8100 is the first i3 processor from Intel to carry a 4-core processor instead of the traditional i3, which sports a dual core processor with hyperthreading. With that in mind, the i3 8100 is our choice for a gaming pc build with the 30k budget considering most triple A games require an actual 4 core for it to run. Moreover, while being a generation behind Intel’s lineup, you are still able to upgrade your processor to an 9th gen down the road without the cost of getting another motherboard. Bear in mind that you might require a bios update to use a 9th gen processor.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

Motherboard: ASRock B360M Pro 4

Php 4,370

Our motherboard of choice for our 30k gaming pc build is the ASRock B360M Pro 4. We decided to go with a B360 board instead of the cheaper MSI H310M Pro-D Plus motherboard because of mainly, the chipset. To run it down, the ASROCK B360M Pro 4 gives you 4 RAM slots instead of 2, 2 M.2 NVMe slot(the 2nd one supports SATA M.2). You will surely either buy an SSD or add more memory to your rig. Whichever the case is, your upgrade path is secure even if you just opt for an i5 or an i7 later down the road.

If you want to save on the board, you can go for an H310 board and use the saved cash to opt for either a 120GB or a 240GB SSD.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

RAM: Geil Evo Spear DDR4 2400Mhz 4GB x 2

Php 1690 x 2 = Php 3,380

A pair of 4GB 2400Mhz sticks would suffice our 30k gaming pc build as our B360M Pro 4 motherboard has 4 DIMM slots instead of 2 slots found on an H310M board. While a dual channel memory doesn’t impact gaming performance, you’ll be getting optimal performance if you decide to enter video editing and the like. The extra slots provide easy upgradability from a 4GBx2 kit to a 4GBx4 setup, giving you the option to maximize the board’s DIMM slots.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

HDD: WD Blue 1TB

Php 2,190

Hard Drive prices have reached the lowest prices that they can get and as for our pick, we opted for a WD Blue 1TB instead o Seagate’s 1TB offering mainly because it’s cheaper by 80 pesos. Going with either of the two hard drive options won’t impair your PC’s performance.

If you already have a spare hard drive lying around, you could go for a 240GB SSD to experience faster pc boot up and loading times.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

GPU: Galax GTX 1050Ti OC 4GB

Php 7,510

A 1050Ti suits the 30k gaming pc budget as compared to getting a GTX 1060 as you have a balanced budget allocation for a better processor – which in our case, is the i3 8100. Moreover, considering the stale GPU prices, GTX 1050 Ti GPUs are one of the GPU models that benefitted the most from the lowering of its prices. To give you an idea, it was priced at most, Php 12,000 during the mining period.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

PowerSupply: FSP Hydro 600w 80+ Bronze

Php 2,840

As our golden rule goes, never cheap out on your power supply. With 10% of our budget invested for the FSP Hydro 600w 80+ Bronze, we are guaranteed for an i7 and a GTX 1070Ti upgrade because of its 600watt capacity and bronze efficiency. Other models are welcomed as an alternative if it has an 80+ bronze certification. You can also go for a lower wattage model but do keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing upgradability.

Php 30K Gaming PC Build Guide (i3 8100 - January 2019) - gaming pc build

Case: Tecware Nexus

Php 1,950

The Tecware Nexus is a decent looking case with cable management options without being too pricey. It features front 3x120mm(or 2x140mm) fan slots with a 240/280mm radiator support while the top supports 2 120mm or 140mm fans. It also includes 2 front 140mm fans and a rear 120mm fan, saving you the cost of buying additional fans. Do note that the Tecware Nexus is an ATX case and there’s an mATX version, which is cheaper by 400 pesos, but we opted for the full sized ATX variant so that if you ever decide to upgrade to an ATX motherboard, you won’t have to get a new case just because you went for a smaller model. There are other budget offerings from Tecware that may fit your taste.


The latest AAA games with different game engines and other popular titles are tested to see the performance of our 30k gaming PC. The game play is captured using the Elgato HD 60 Pro installed in a separate capture rig to eliminate the overhead in playing and recording using the same PC.


i3 8100 + 8GB + GTX 1050Ti | 1080p Highest Settings

At maxed out settings in our DOTA 2 benchmark sequence, our 30k gaming pc build managed to stay at above 40fps during the clash and will go as high as 70+ fps over the course of the game. You shouldn’t worry about the 40fps on clashes it isn’t in the form of a huge frame drop that impairs your gameplay. If you want to hit a constant 60fps regardless of in game activity, you can tune done some settings to maintain a more stable framerate. But as our benchmark sequence shows, running DOTA 2 on this i3 8100 + 1050Ti at 1080p ain’t a problem.

Monster Hunter: World

Our Gaming PC barely maintains 30fps at the highest settings on Monster Hunter: World as we fought Dodogama and Uragaan at the same time. This build manages to simulate console-like experience with its 30fps but with better graphics #PCMasterRace. The settings can be toned down a bit to a mixed med-high to achieve 60fps for a better gaming experience.


GTA V stayed in the upper 50s in our benchmark while sometimes being able to hit a stable 50fps. It goes as low as 41fps but it doesn’t stutter as seen on our Php 15,000 Gaming PC. Wrecking havoc by destroying cars and making them explode generate any stutters even though it reaches the low 40s. GTA V, a 5-year AAA game, is very much playable in the highest settings. Doing a mix medium and high settings for GTA V will guarantee a 60+ fps game play experience.

Witcher 3

Our 30k gaming pc stayed in the 40s-50s during our benchmark run. No noticeable stutters were experienced during the benchmark process. Again, the FPS can be improved by tuning some graphical settings to medium for a better game play experience.


Choosing between upgrading the CPU or GPU first will be a matter of your personal usability. If you are geared to wards productivity, computing and CPU intensive games, then upgrading to an i5 or i7 would be a better choice. Go for a GPU upgrade if you can save up and invest in the long waiting time since the price of upgrading to a GTX 10 series or an RTX graphics card like the RTX 2060, is more expensive than upgrading to an i5, i7 or even an i9 9900k.

You can also go for some small upgrades by adding an SSD depending on your budget. Moreover, there is really no need to upgrade your PC as soon as possible unless you plan to buy all the upcoming AAA games with the hopes of playing them at max settings. Instead of PC upgrades on your first year, you could invest on gaming peripherals such as the Rakk Kimat XT.2 mechanical keyboard, HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset, Logitech G304 and a 144Hz gaming monitor, like the Zowie XL2411 or the SpecterPro G255SL.

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