Mythic Key Wipes — How to Avoid Them? -

Mythic Key Wipes — How to Avoid Them?

Wipe is a dramatic situation in which your entire party is slaughtered. One of the suckiest parts of the wipe is that your team has to return to ghost form to the starting point. And begin the raid anew with your team, or try wow boost service instead of trying again and again.

What’s even worse, it takes 30-40 minutes to complete a single Mythic dungeon. There are 8 of them. And each needs to be beaten 15 times, before you can snatch the top Mythic loot.

Let’s see the top popular tactics and tricks that help you avoid the wipes and save your time.


So, here’s what can help you avoid this misfortune. 

  • Team Choice

Your success is determined by your team mostly. The best way to complete is to operate in coordination and unison amongst your bros-in-arms. 

Your party must have a clear plan and a leader who will coordinate the raid. During the operation, you should permanently stay in touch via a voice channel.

Before you join a guild, check their stats and previous efforts via Wow Progress. Also, watch out for toxicity, glimpses of which you can catch in their group chats. If a wipe happens, such a team will fall apart quickly, only wasting your time.

  • Homework

Wipes are normal, especially if you explore a given area for the first time or debut at a new party.

However, for the most part, failing happens due to poor preparation. You should know what your team will do. 

Study bosses and the environment of each dungeon to know which weapons and remedies to apply against them. You also must know what to expect from Risen Warlord or Dessia the Decapitator, as they have unique attacks. 

  • More Knowledge

To successfully beat a dungeon, apathy should typically have a healer, demon hunter, marksmanship hunter, etc.

In other words, roles on the team should be balanced. You can use different classes, and there’s even a database, which shows character scores obtained from the Mythic Dungeons.

Also, don’t forget that dungeons grow tougher as you beat them. Plaguefall lvl 7 is way harsher than Plaguefall lvl 2. Bosses are stronger, their minions are meaner. As you progress, it can take up to one hour to finish a high-level raid.

  • Go Professional

And, of course, the easiest solution — getting a pro team to help you. It implies that a party of seasoned WoW veterans will accompany you on your next Mythic adventure.

They will help you collect the legendary loot. They will easily slay the bosses with you too. The veterans will serve as your bodyguards against the aggressive mobs. And they won’t claim your fame.

You don’t need to be a high-ranking raider. Your character should be at least Level 60, as the rules require it.

And you don’t have anything to worry about. The team has a Keystone to launch a raid. They know the best strategies against every boss. And they will show you how to deal with them, no sweat.

The best part is that you get to partake in this fun staff yourself. A pro team never requests access to your account, as it’s against WoW’s guidelines and the general ethics of the game. 

Time to Be a Legend

Take your battleaxe or healing wand and begin the Mythic journey — the loyal party is waiting for you!