Infographic: Train Yourself to Warm-Up Your Creative Juices with This Method

I have confession to make: this article, despite it being this concise, took me 3 hours to write. If you’re a creative writer, you’d probably already have an idea. That sizzling first sentences that hook your audience isn’t something you pull out of nowhere. And having wrote more than 50,000 words this week, some times’s your bag of tricks just get dry some times. But like I always say: “don’t just be great, be professional.”

Now my personal mantra in creative writing, painting or creating a project outline, there always has to be my personal touch so the process is kind of winded but I’ve spent years mastering that. If you’re just getting started in a creative endeavor or creative position then you need a way to warm-up your creative juices and get those thoughts flowing and as this infographic says, its not a switch you can turn on and off, but more like your superstar player in basketball that you can massage into action after a break.

In this infographic we break down the B.U.I.LD model: the basic ways to find inspiration from the simplest of things. Protip: I always do the first and last thing in this model as part of my process.

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Give Your Creativity a Boost Using the B.U.I.L.D. Model - by Wrike project management tools