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How to Use Mods in JUMP FORCE

It is possible to mod JUMP FORCE, so why not enjoy the game to its fullest?
Let’s find out how you can do that.

How to Install Mods

So you want to enhance your JUMP FORCE playing experience with some
modding mischief? We are delighted to assist, but first and foremost, please
follow these simple instructions.

Open the EasyAntiCheat folder under the Jump Force files by double-clicking
on it and selecting “Run Setup.” Make sure Jump Force is selected as the game to uninstall in the dropdown menu, then click Uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat.

Return to the game files, navigate to the Jump Force folder, and select
Content, then Paks from the dropdown menu. Creating a new folder named
Modifications within the Paks folder will suffice (make sure you have the tilde
at the beginning).

Simply copy and paste any of the modifications into the newly created
folder, and you are done! You are fully prepared to take action.

What is Jump Force?

How to Use Mods in JUMP FORCE -

For the 50th anniversary of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump anthology,
Spike Chunsoft developed Jump Force. Bandai Namco Entertainment
released this crossover fighting game, featuring characters from different
manga series that have appeared in the anthology.

What is Bandai Namco?

How to Use Mods in JUMP FORCE -

Japanese video game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is based in
Minato-ku, Tokyo, and is a global corporation. Bandai Namco Entertainment
Europe and Bandai Namco Entertainment America are the company’s foreign
subsidiaries, with headquarters in Lyon, France, and Santa Clara, California.

What is a Mod?

A mod (short for “modification”) is an alteration of one or more features of
video game by players or fans, such as the way it looks or performs. A
mod can be applied to almost any video game. Modifications may vary from
minor tweaks to significant changes, and they can increase the game’s
replay value and appeal by increasing the variety of options.

So now that you know about mods, JUMP FORCE, and Bandai Namco (the
company that released this game), let us move on to the mods for JUMP

Jump Force Mods

There are many mods to be found on the Internet, and we will list the most
popular ones here.

Not all mods are fully optimized, so you will need to do a little research to
find the best mods for Jump Force.

Tournament of Power (Dragon Ball Z)

A large part of what makes Jump Force fights seem so epic is the setting in
which they take place.

Several of the most well-known places from the Shonen Jump universe are
included in the basic game, as well as some real-world sites from Hong Kong
to Japan and the United States, including Paris, New York, and San

Fans have, of course, discovered methods to include additional
battlegrounds into the game, filling in the gaps left by the absence of specific
features in the original game.

It is possible to battle in the Tournament of Power ring from the DragonBall
universe on this specific map.

Soundtrack Pack (Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach)

Because the game has its own unique music, many fans were hoping for
something more.

After all, what could be more intense than playing as your favorite
characters while listening to the theme music of your favorite shows?

That is exactly what this mod allows you to do, by adding some of the most famous anime series soundtrack music from series such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and others into the game.

If you have been a fan of any of these series since you were a kid, this one
is guaranteed to send you on a nostalgic journey.

Energy Sword of Sandai Kitetsu

Since the game’s first release, the sword for customized characters has
consistently been one of the most outspoken complaints from the gaming

As a result, you are unable to create a sword using the normal “make a
character” choices, and any sword-based strikes would just summon an
“energy sword” to finish the animations.

Many fans were inspired to create master swordsmen for their own
characters, including their favorite anime characters.

This mod allows you to achieve just that. It removes the energy sword and
changes it with Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu, which can be found in the game.

Kumo Ha Katana

Gigo’s Energy Sword Removal patch unlocked the way for some really
unique custom swords to be created in Jump Force. The previous version
enables you to utilize a more well-known blade from the One Piece franchise.
However, other players choose to take full advantage of the mod to build
entirely unique weapons.

The Kumo Ha Katana by Kaji22 is an excellent example since it allows for
much more customization choices for your character’s weapon of choice.

The Cloud Blade, which replaces Goku’s wristband and is available in more
than ten different color choices, eliminates the need for your character to
run around with someone else’s blade.

Snake Man Luffy

It is very common for anime characters to have several levels or forms,
especially when they become stronger or acquire mastery of their respective
skill sets.

Some of the heroes may have developed stronger forms since the
publication of Jump Force, which was more than a decade ago and is still
continuing in some of the anime and manga series that it includes.

Luffy’s Snake Man is an excellent example of this.

It is a modified version of his most newly found Fourth Gear technique,
which was initially intended to be added but never made it to the game.

Luffy’s Fourth Gear Snake Man has made its way to Jump Force, thanks to
the efforts of modder truonggiang08.


When it comes to Jump Force modding, one of the most exciting aspects is
the possibility of incorporating entirely new characters who are not included
in the game.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball modder Mastaklo has developed Vegito mod, who is
arguably one of the most prominent characters to ever appear in the
DragonBall series.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be able to harness the
combined strength of Goku and Vegeta? Right—ultimate destruction.

Select any mods you want to download and extract the files into the Mod
folder like the process given above. Once the files have been extracted to
their proper locations and the Anti-Cheat has been deactivated, your mods
should function properly!

Try launching the application straight from the .exe file located in your
Steamapps folder if you are experiencing difficulties. After that, any
remaining problems should be resolved. Enjoy!