How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape -

How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape

One can have many reasons to level up as quickly as possible in Old School RuneScape. There may be a money making method that’s available at higher levels and you wish to get to the big bucks faster. Maybe you want to join in on the action with your friends in the Theatre of Blood. Or maybe it’s sheer competitiveness and desire for greatness. Whatever your reasoning is, we have made this short guide to give you an idea about fast combat leveling methods, and if you want to improve and buy items there are sites that sell osrs gold which are perfect for people who want to invest in the game.


There is not much to know at beginner level. You have your basic weapons and can’t expect to kill dragons with those. You can either opt to do the Waterfall Quest which is relatively easy to complete and rewards so much experience that you get to level 30 in Attack and Strength or kill chickens until you reach level 10.

How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape -

Mid-tier leveling

Once you’re level 10 or above it is advised to kill Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island. They are your dream target: they have low Attack and Defense levels and a whopping 100 HP. You might not even get to munch on a single slice of that pizza you brought for restoring HP! This spot can be rather crowded, though, but there are spots with 2-3 crabs where they can killed while AFKing.

How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape -There are also Sand Crabs in Zeah. While you need 5k coins to reach the spot and they only have 60 HP, this spot might prove to be more efficient, if other places are too populated.

Leveling to 99

The best spot to train from levels 60-70 to 99 is the Nightmare Zone. NMZ is a safe minigame which can be entered for free to try it out with no experience gains. Using overload and absorption potions, which can be bought with NMZ points, will help you get to that level 99 faster. NMZ is the best XP/h spot there is for combat.

There is more than one strategy in NMZ. The most effective one is to use Dharok’s Armour set. You need to reduce your HP to 1 using Dwarven Rockcakes and drink your absorption potion. This way you will not only maximize your damage, but also optimize the use of absorption potions (since the maximum damage you can take while being at 1 HP is 1, your absorption potion will only expend that 1 charge).

Using Obsidian Armor with an Obsidian Sword combined with Berserker Necklace will also give you a huge amount of experience. If neither of those options are available to you, using your best gear is also viable.

Choose these monsters to fight in NMZ:

  • Trapped Soul
  • Count Draynor
  • Sand Snake
  • King Roald
  • The Kendal
  • Me
  • Skeleton Hellhound
  • Tree Spirit
  • Khazard Warlord
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Bouncer
  • Black Demon

Making Money While Leveling Combat

Slayer is the best option for those who wish to earn money while also training their combat. Besides, you will be training your other stats as well, for example Magic and Prayer. Slayer is a consistent money maker and people sometimes do it simply to earn more gold. Alternatively, you can go to the best place to buy OSRS gold. Don’t forget to equip Black Mask when on Slayer task!

What to Keep in Mind When Leveling Combat

Use the best weapon you have, preferably a scimitar until you can wield Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Tentacle or can afford Ghrazi rapier. Some monsters have certain weaknesses. In such cases it might be wise to use a different weapon and fighting style.

Use potions, if you can afford them.

Learn to “flick” prayers. That is, activate them for the tick you are attacked or are attacking and then immediately deactivate them. This will save you your prayer points. Using Piety melee bonus can speed up your leveling by up to 40%! That is a huge increase which doesn’t cost you anything!

The rule of thumb when choosing what to prioritize when leveling is this: strength before attack, offensive skills before defensive. However, you should not forget defense and upgrade your armor whenever possible.

How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape -

Best equipment for F2P

How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape -

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