How to Choose a High-Win Slot Machine -

How to Choose a High-Win Slot Machine

All online slots differ from each other not only in their characteristics, but also in their behavior. In this article, you will learn about the strategies for choosing a slot machine in a casino to win. Recommendations from our experts will help you determine which of the games is able to give out the maximum number of prize coins. This means that you will not need to rely only on the will of chance and luck.

Winning at slots: Current tips

As already mentioned, we can’t tell you how to win on fruit machines. But we are able to explain which games have a higher payout percentage than others. So, if your mind is occupied with the problem of how to set up vending machines, here is our first tip.

Pay attention to the slots with the highest percentage of return (RTP)

All free online slot machines are characterized by RTP. It represents the theoretically expected percentage of winnings that a particular game on casino sites pays out over the entire period of its existence. Such an indicator will also help determine how strong the advantages of a gambling establishment are on its territory. Anything above 97% will do. Since these games will pay off over a long period of time.

Demo version of the slot and its behavior

One of the most common strategies for choosing a winning slot machine in a casino is based on the evaluation of the slot machine in demo mode. Namely his behavior:

  1. The slot is in the black. This slot machine is in the ” pay out winnings. This conclusion can be made from the balance of the bets played and the payouts made.
  2. The slot machine is in the red. Avoid such games, as the balance between the prizes paid and the number of coins placed is in the red. This means that it will be very difficult to get a win.
  3. The neutral state of the slot. In this slot machine, the balance between the bets made and the coins won is at 0. In simple words, the game keeps a single state, but can reduce the balance.

To choose a “giver” online slot, you will have to go through more than one slot machine while playing the demo version.

It is important to understand that single wins on large bets can be simple exceptions. These situations should be perceived as “you are very lucky”, or: you lost a lot enough to get a big win (50-70% of the lost FUN money). Identifying a successful slot machine in a casino is one of the most important skills of a player.

If the” giver ” slot is found, we start playing for real money in it. It is important to use the same number of lines and the same total bet used when testing in free mode.

By varying the amount of bets, we try to understand the state of the selected game. If there are a lot of wins and they fall out often, the video slot is most likely in the desired mode and is ready to pay.

If we lose, we change the amount of the bet until we find the optimal one. If this does not help, choose another machine.

We understand different types of slot machines

The next thing you can do is to do your own research and find the best online slots, depending on their specifics.

You can sort all the slots according to the following principle:

  • by gameplay – classic, video slots, progressive;
  • at the place of the game – real, virtual;
  • by the type of currency that the game is played for;
  • by the number of reels and paylines;
  • by class of slot machines;
  • by the return percentage.

There is a large variety of slots that you can try out-traditional, video and progressive slots. Once you find the one you like, thoughtfully determine the bet size, select the number of paylines (if possible), and pay attention to the volatility of the slot machine. And also on the percentage of RTP.

The number of paylines in the selected slot.

Because in order to win, you will need to place the same symbols on them! The number of paylines of slot machines can vary from 1 to 1024 or more. Now, to get the maximum possible winning potential, you must, of course, use all the active paylines. If you don’t activate them all, don’t worry.

However, remember that if you play with a reduced number, the symbols of the slot machines will not bring profit, if they fall on an inactive field.

The jackpot draw also requires the activation of all paylines. Otherwise, you lose your chance to win. This is also the case with a huge number of new-generation slot machines with fixed paylines, like buffalo slots. There you will not be able to select the number of them. You will just automatically play, and place bets on everything at once.

Give preference to bonuses without mandatory wagering requirements

Although it seems difficult right now, if you are thinking about how to beat the casino, our next tip may be crucial!

When you play in a gambling establishment, you can get several different types of bonuses, which include no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins.

By accepting a deposit bonus, you will most likely receive it along with the wagering requirements. Finding a deposit bonus that is not related to the wagering conditions will really be difficult.

However, currently, many online casinos provide spin bonuses completely free of charge . If you find such an establishment, it means that any winnings received as a result of your spins are credited to the account in the form of regular cash. And you can keep them for yourself, without any conditions. Playing slot machines and winning is not an easy task, of course. But if you are not burdened with the requirements for the rates, you have one less reason to worry.


Try not to choose new games. At the time of the release of a new game, despite the stated interest, the slot machine collects much more money than it gives out, forming a bank for subsequent winnings. It’s better to wait a few months. Choose your favorite games and analyze them.

Spend more time analyzing in free-to-play mode and less in real-money mode. Choose slot machines with bonuses without mandatory wagering. Give preference to online slot machines with a high RTP. Follow the above tips only if the goal is to win money. It is to win, and not to spend time, have fun or have fun over a bottle of beer.