How To Become a Better Player in LoL in 4 Simple Steps

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Many will agree that LoL (League of Legends) is perhaps the biggest MOBA game in the industry and why not? After all, what’s not to love? You get a chance to team up with friends from anywhere in the world, all in the name of conquering the other team for pure dominance.


How To Become a Better Player in LoL in 4 Simple Steps -

Plus, when you add the dynamics to climb solo queue as an alternative playstyle to LoL tier lists, you suddenly have a game-changer – pun intended.

The truth is, this game has lots of depth, and because of this depth, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the grind. Moreover, it’s because of this dense learning curve that players are looking for strategies on places like Twitch to improve their gameplay in a short time. Friends, look no further. Behold, these are the four simple steps to become a better player in LoL.

Jawhead’s Burst Damage

Anyone who has gone up against a Jawhead knows how quickly the game can change. Sometimes no matter how prepared you feel, you can still find yourself on the side of a bad thrashing. So here’s a tip that’s bound to give you the advantage.  

Learn to carry Vengeance as your battle spell. Not only does Vengeance nullify most of the damage from a Jawhead’s attack, but it also lets you fight back while tanking all the skills from Jawhead.

Clear a Small Jungle to Regain HP

Did you know that if you are low on health and have a jungle item, you can use this opportunity in the camps to farm up for full HP instead of recalling and wasting time? This especially holds for the jungle camp directly below the bottom lane tier tower one. These camps are usually split into two, generating health for you.

How To Become a Better Player in LoL in 4 Simple Steps -

Pulling River Turtles and Lords

The next time you find yourself passing a River Turtle, try hitting the creature with an auto-attack or a skill and let it follow you. Next, you want to take the furthest path away from the monster and have it follow you. This will cost the monster a lot of time to go back to the camp, buying your teammates time to regroup and fight for the objective.  

Use Your Damage Skill with Retribution for River Turtles

You’ve been in this situation before. Your objective: to secure a River Turtle, a Lord, or something leveled above. Something which you know all too well isn’t always an easy task. 

Whenever you find yourself in this situation, use your skill in conjunction with retribution to increase the execution threshold. Take Hanzo, for example: If Hanzo’s skill one does 1,500 damage to a monster and your retribution does 3,000 damage. This means when a Lord or Turtle drops to under 3,500 HP, you can instantly kill them using both these attacks together to secure the win for your team.

Final Thoughts

LoL is perhaps the greatest MOBA game to date, and its player base is still growing. So, it’s only natural for a steep learning curve for you to attain mastery. That being said, these four tips highlighted here, although significant, will not be enough for mastery.

If you truly want to master this game, play with the best and solidify your name in history pages tier lists. Remember, nothing beats good old-fashioned practice until you reach your goal.