Create Your Own Roblox Custom T-shirt

If you have been wanting to design your own Roblox Custom T-shirt, you can do so by following a few simple steps. But in order to be able to customize a T-shirt, you need to have the Builder’s Club membership in Roblox. Only then the option to design clothes will be available. Here you can have a detailed look at how you can create your own Roblox custom T-shirt.

Roblox is an online gaming platform with over 164 million monthly active users. A player can use the virtual currency called “Robux” and purchase different items for their characters. A character in Roblox can be customized with a wide range of options available to make it look however the player wants it to.

But rather than spending Robux on other players’ design, you can create your own Roblox clothing for free. Even you can earn robux by selling T-Shirts designed by you. The layout of the clothing does not change but the design and color of the shirt, pants, badges can be customized. Let’s take a step by step look at how you can create your own Roblox Custom T-shirt

Steps to design a Roblox Custom T-shirt are:

Create a T-shirt design from a template

  1. Find template: Click Here, you can find different templates for your T-shirt
  2. Download template: On the website, you can find the shirt template which is labeled as “Torso+Arms”. There are different parts of the template in different colors, Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Pink. These colors indicate parts of the T-shirt. Before designing, make sure you know which color is what. Right-click on the image and save it.
Roblox Custom T-shirt Template Guide
Roblox Custom T-shirt Template Guide
  1. Open the template in an editor: Open the downloaded template in any image editor. Any editing software free or paid can be used such as Photoshop or MS paint.
  2. Add editing layer: The template will be one layer in the editor. A new layer is to be added to the existing layer. In Photoshop, to add a new layer click on the blank sheet icon
  3. Customize your shirt: In this step, you can get as creative as you want and design your T-shirt how you wish. When you design your T-shirt, keep in mind how the templates are colored. Red areas are the front of the Torso, yellow is the right side, green is the left side, teal is the top, pink is the bottom, and blue in the back. You can add details such as drawing, texture, or an image to your T-shirt. It may take a few attempts or practice to create a perfect T-shirt.

6.     Save your design: Save the design you have created in its original form so that is an option to edit your design without going through all the above steps once again.

Upload the T-shirt to Roblox

  1. Turn off the template layer: While designing on the T-shirt you keep the design layer above the template so that you can see which color goes where. But before saving the image on Roblox turn off the template layer so that only the T-shirt design will be visible. Save the design as a PNG file.
  2. Go to My Creationsin Roblox: Log into your Roblox account and click on the Create tab. You have to however note that this option shall be unlocked only if you are subscribed to Builders Club. Select ‘Shirts’ among the list

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  1. Click on Create T-shirt: Click on the Create T-shirt tab and then select the ‘Choose File’ This is the step in which you have to select the previously saved PNG image
  2. Name and upload: After choosing the image you want to upload, you can name your image which can be seen by other people. Once the naming is complete, click ‘Upload’ and the image shall be saved
  3. Verification: To successfully upload the design you have to go through a verification process. You have to click on the arrow until the image shown is correct. Then click done which will complete your customization process and your T-shirt will be available for use within a few moments.

Sell your T-shirts

If you want you can sell your T-shirts on the Roblox store to other players. Click on the ‘Create’ option and browse the item you want to sell. If it’s a T-shirt, click on the T-shirt option. Now tap the settings logo, set the price for your item, and put your clothing for sale. A player can also advertise his creation by making an advertisement banner. Every ad posted will be taken down after 24 hours of posting it

If you want to sell something other than a T-shirt, choose a different option, Pants or Badges, and follow the same steps. Your creation will be available in the Catalog for other players to buy.


By following these steps mentioned, you can create your own Roblox Custom items instead of using the ones purchased from others. The same step can be followed for other items but the template for creating design may differ.

Editor notes: Roblox is free to play and is available in many platforms. The game is very light and can be played on a modest gaming PC.