The PHP15,000 Intel Gaming PC

This guide is outdated, see our Php15,000 Gaming PC Build for 2015 for the most recent build guide for your gaming PC plans.

So you want to build a budget gaming PC? In this article we’ll guide you on how to maximize that Php15,000 budget and get yourself a machine worthy of being called gaming class. It won’t max-out Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4, but rest assured it will run them.

Building your own gaming PC is always the best option for your money

So you decided to go to your nearest computer store to check out computers that are built for gaming that those stores offer. Do keep in mind that most pre-built gaming PC offered on stores have additional charges like “Hey we built this configuration, so let’s add 5,000 pesos to its overall price!” or something like “Let’s put those decent components together and add 50% of its overall price because our store name is so big and famous“.

Building your own gaming PC is always the best option for your money rather than buying a package one from stores.

See our 2015 Php 20,000 Gaming PC Build Guide


So we took the challenge to build a gaming PC that’s Intel-based for a very tight budget of ₱15,000. Also, I have included all the prices of each component from different stores for price comparison which you can view at the bottom part of this article.

Why Intel? Its hard to answer that question without getting too much into detail but here’s the brief summary: power consumption. We’ll assume that you, the potential builder, has financial constraints that limit you from not only spending more on your build, but also consuming power beyond your capacity to support. In true Pinoy fashion, there is always the parental advisory that goes when powering up your PC:


And thus starts the countdown to a parental tirade of verbal lashing about how you are not paying the household bills and so on. If these situations do not apply to you, then please disregard.

Also do note that this guide is for building a PC. The monitor and peripherals are not included as well as OS.

We would also like to acknowledge the fact that a big portion of our readership are classy, respectful and highly civilized PC enthusiasts that do not, in any way shape or form, criticize the inability of the remaining 99.98% of the population to acquire a $1200 gaming PC… and watercool it.

Without further ado, here are the choice components we’ve picked-out to help you in building your DOTA/LOL/HON/Granado Espada/Crossfire/MAT/Mercenary Online/World of Tanks/Ragnarok (classic!)/etc. gaming PC.

Here is my own configuration of an Intel based gaming PC with a tight budget of Php15,000.

Processor: Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz


Price: Php2,900.00

Pentium G3220 3.0GHz is a Dual Core “Haswell” processor. Packing two cores, two threads and is clocked at 3.0GHz, this CPU fits well within budget gaming processors. With only a 54 watts Thermal Design Power, you shouldn’t worry too much about the limits of your power supply unit. Don’t underestimate this processor as well because it’s Pentium. This Pentium runs using the latest “Haswell” architecture from Intel. If you want some proof, here’s a graph comparison between an i3-540 and G3220.


Benchmark results from

Specifications: Intel® Pentium® Processor G3220 (3M Cache, 3.00 GHz)

Motherboard: Gigabyte H81M DS2


Price: Php2,640.00

GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards support the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, bringing together a unique blend of features and technologies that offer the absolute ultimate platform for your next PC build. GIGABYTE has always been a trusted brand of most PC builder in terms of performance, reliability, and price.

Specifications: Gigabyte H81M DS2

RAM: Geil Enhance Corsa 4GB ddr3 1600 CL9


Price: Php1,500

Not your average standard DDR3 memory. The Enhance CORSA Series, tested at much higher standards of 1500MHz CL9 and 1700MHz CL9 instead of the labeled 1333MHz CL9 and 1600MHz CL9. The extra guard-bands of an impressive 10% are to provide enhanced performance and more importantly, enhanced reliability that defines the spirit of “GeIL Standard”. The Enhance CORSA Series are compatible with all of the latest platforms with the labeled speeds under standard settings, while the enhanced speeds are embedded in Intel XMP profiles. The Enhance CORSA Series provide users with performance, quality and compatiblity exceeding expectations. In gaming, a ram with a rated speed of 1600mhz and a CAS Latency timing 9-9-9-25 is known as the sweet spot because you won’t get anymore major performance gain if you go above that.

Specifications: Geil Enhance Corsa 4GB DDR3

Editor’s Note: You can just go ahead and skimp on memory and get some Corsair or Kingston ValueRAM but we insist on keeping it at 4GB. It will save you a couple hundred but the performance that the Geil DIMMs provide is well worth it particularly if you like to multi-task.

GPU: Power Color HD 7750 1gb/128bit DDR3


Price: Php3,500

The Power Color HD 7750 is one of those Video Card that is really positioned at a nice spot for price per performance ratio. This card is a great choice for a budget gaming PC. Personally in my opinion since we are aiming for a budget gaming PC, HD7750 can give you a great gaming experience on a 720p native resolution. You can play games that are running on DirectX9 smoothly with this card on 720p and 1080p but this is not enough to give you a good gaming experience on games using DirectX11 on a 1080p. To give you an idea about the cards performance, look at the graph below.

adasdasdasBenchmark results from

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 is a game that utilizes DirectX9. In here we can see that HD 7750 can perform really well with 92 FPS on a 1280×1024 native resolution. However, do keep in mind that we may not get the same result as this graph is only displayed here to give you an idea how can this card perform.

Editor’s Note: If you can spare a bit more, the PowerColor HD7770 is now readily available for Php4,300. If you’re primarily gaming for a 1600×900 setup or just want to max-out everything on your 1366×768/1280×1024 monitor, then this should be your choice.

Specifications: Power Color HD 7750 1gb/128bit ddr3

Power Supply Unit: Corsair VS 450watts (VS450)


Price: Php1,670.00

The VS450 delivers a guaranteed 450 Watts of continuous power. With 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction, you get the peace of mind from knowing that your components are protected from uneven power delivery. Corsair is one of the trusted brand in terms of quality PSU. This power supply also features Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection provide maximum safety for your critical system components.

Specifications: Corsair VS 450watts (VS450)



Price: Php950

GZ-ZA, a new series striking a perfect balance between budget and quality, features a black-coating interior, providing the best visual enjoyment; high quality ODD bezel keeping the front look uniform; reset button for a easy system re-boot and a 12cm rear exhaust fan offering an ideal cooling environment.

Specifications: GIGABYTE GZ-ZA2

Storage: WESTERN DIGITAL 320GB 7200 SATA3 Blue


Price: Php1,910.00

Since we are in a very tight budget. I decided to sacrifice some GB for some extra money. Regardless, the performance is still comparable to the new standards of Storage devices. This storage is rated 7200rpm for faster and responsive computer.

Specifications: Western Digital Blue 320GB 7200rpm SATA3

*Note: Prices of each hardware may vary from location and store to store.

Total: Php15,070.00 est.

Here’s a price comparison** of the components we used for this build from different local stores.


With that budget and proper knowledge of components, we were able to build a 4th gen “Haswell” based entry level gaming PC.

This configuration can play games that uses DirectX9 smoothly on 720p and 1080p native resolution but for games that utilizes DirectX11 and that are graphics hungry, this configuration is definitely not enough to be able to play those games decently at low settings like Battlefield 3.

To give you an idea how will this configuration perform. Here’s a synthetic approximation benchmark results.


Do take note that this results are approximate. It may vary from hardware to hardware.

In terms of power consumption, this system will consume approximately 150-200w max load, while gaming should put it around 120-150w. Computing that based on our standard consumption formula , we can infer that the system consumes LESS THAN 45KW/hr.

For the sake of clarity, let’s say the system consumes 250W and you game for 6 hours a day for an entire 30-day month. Here is the computation:

*6*30 = 45KW/hr
Rate per KW/hr as per
November 2013 Meralco = 5.75 45 KW/hr * 5.75 = PHP258.75 /month

Download the Meralco Consumption Rate Table for November 2013 here

Our build, consumes only PHP258.75 a month*. That is way less than what you students today pay for your cellphone prepaid loads.

In conclusion, we have a system here that will have excellent performance for today’s popular MOBA, MMORPG and MMOFPS games in 16 – 19″ monitor resolutions and will pay for itself in a matter of months compared to when you rent at a cybercafe or those lovely pisonet.

Happy gaming!

If you have any questions or in need of help in building your own gaming PC. Do not hesitate to ask B2G as we are way more than willing to help you out.

If you prefer an AMD based gaming PC. Our friends over Tech Porn got you covered. Read their article about it here: Tech Porn’s Php15k AMD Gaming PC

*Electrical rates vary by consumption volume. This article also does not factor in utility expense for Internet access.
** Prices are subject to change without notice. All values listed are valid at time of writing.
  1. “Building your own gaming PC is always the best option for your money rather than buying a package one from stores.”

    I’m glad you specified gaming PC, because if you need a basic one for work or simple tasks like browsing or word processing, it really is cheaper to buy rather than build. Keep this in mind as well: often, when you buy a pre-built machine, it comes with a copy of Windows (usually Php5000+), a mouse, keyboard, and often even a monitor or speakers. If you build yourself, you’ll have to buy those things separately, and the price can add up fast. Don’t underestimate the value of bulk purchasing that major distributors can take advantage of, which is quite often out of the hands of regular consumers like us. Sometimes, gems like this can come up.

    Additionally, getting support is generally easier for pre-built machines, but upgrading is easier (or, sometimes, merely possible) on a computer you’ve built yourself.

    1. I really had a hard time clearing this up with Nielzx knowing that there’s really more to consider than just the actual PC itself. I hate to admit it but the target of this article are those we’re probably all too familiar with: people who don’t know the value of software. People who get their OS from a friend who’s got a ton of downloaded stuff off of BT. Those kinds of people.

      While I did have have my concerns letting this out of the pipeline, with it not being a true complete build, experience suggests it is comprehensive enough to show anyone interested that there’s further costs involved.

      1. Agree.
        somehow OT. Regarding console, its quite funny that they don’t include the TV to the’re budget when buying a console. Even though its considered a house-hold appliance, they can’t use the thing if they don’t have one. Tsk tsk. #pcmasterrace #dingdong

  2. better late than never. i have a similar build in mind that goes around 22k for everything (including peripherals).

    now about prebuilt systems from stores, some of them sell systems with an OS than ain’t even premium (last time i checked, one pc was in home basic with an office trial). don’t get me wrong, my OS and Office are legit but if your using it only at home, why bother buying it if you can borrow it or just get it from BT and others…

    remember, the author specified it as a budget gaming rig. with that in mind he also unconsciously indicated how “resourceful” budget gamers are imho. ^_^

    all in all, i’d say the build is good enough but can be better. my only concern is the psu and the GPU. in my build, i was able to squeeze in a true rated fsp 550 watts 80+ psu and a sapphire 7750 as well. if your interested, i will post my complete build here.

    1. Hi vhan46,
      Thank you for reading and of course, please do let us know your own build configuration. It’ll even help other readers out there as well.

      1. cpu lga1150: Intel Pentium G3220 3.0Ghz Haswell PHP 2,940.00
        mb: lga1150 Gigabyte B85M HD3 PHP 3,390.00
        ram: G.Skill Aegis red 4gb ddr3 1600 CL11 PHP 1,810.00
        vga: Sapphire HD 7750 1gb/128 bit, ddr5 PHP 3,950.00
        hdd int 3.5: WDC Caviar Blue 1TB PHP 2,790.00
        psu: FSP Raider 550watts 80Plus Silver PHP 2,450.00
        casing atx: Aerocool GT Advance USB 3.0 PHP 1,620.00
        mon: BenQ 18.5″ (GL950 | GL955A) LED PHP 3,690.00
        kmcombo: Logitech (MK100) Media Keyboard + Mouse PHP 499.00
        speaker: Logitech Z120 , Portable , Black , USB PHP 470.00
        Total PHP 23,609.00

        Note: build went overboard about 1k but still a worthy build i would say as i have upgraded to a 1 tb hd and with a usb 3 capable casing. also note the gpu as it is ddr5 which adds a bit of a kick to the video card’s performance.

        also, some parts may have gotten pricier or cheaper as i formulated this build quite a few months ago.

        you could visit PCHub at:

        by far they have the most comprehensive parts for price (though some parts can be bought cheaper at other stores)

        sorry for the late reply (again) got busy plus this site gave me hard time logging to my previous name so i made another one.

          1. Pretty sure the Corsair VS450 would be enough to handle that build. Although if you’re going to be gaming full-load at more than 10 hours a day, I have to recommend at least a 80+ bronze rated power supply.

  3. How can you say that this is a budget gaming PC when it does not even have a monitor? Without a monitor, this is just a PHP15k paper weight.

    Kind of a misleading article even with a disclaimer.

  4. if someone can help me to look or build a budget desktop CPU particularly can run ROME 2 at ultra high setting…

          1. Sir good morning po pwede nyo po ba ako bigyan ng isang specs ng system unit na pang gaming lalo na pang NBA2k15 budget ko po is 15K to 17K Pesos po ty po.

  5. Kung panglalaro lang at walang balak mag overclock or anything else pinaka economical na mag Celeron, walang added features ang Pentiums kundi higher frequency at L3 cache, konti lang naman diperensya, di gano makakaapekto sa gaming.

    Asrock boards proven better value for money. Kung tutungtong din lang sa presyo ng Gigabyte equivalent, e magdagdag na ng konti at Asus na bilin.

    Kung magbabasa-basa sa mga pinoy boards, di maganda feedback sa Corsair VS. Mas mura ng konti FSP Hexa. Anyway sa 1500-2000 price range medyo mahirap talaga makakuha ng solid na PSU. May Seasonic 400w ECO si pchub 2k, kaso wala makitang review o feedback.

  6. Hi Sir,

    Planning to build this on the weekend, sadly wala po sa dyna quest site ung VGA:Sapphire HD 7750, may alternative po ba na nasa same price range?

    iniisip ko ung Palit Geforce GT 730 2GB SDDR3 128Bit, pero di ko alam kung pde un.

    1. Depende sa games na lalaruin mo bro. Kung DOTA2/League on 1366×768, pasok na yan GT730 pero importante pasok sya budget mo. If may konti pa and gusto mo talaga ng higher-detail games, save up ng konti for GTX750. 😉

  7. Bro anu pinaka swak na build para sa 30k budget lahat ng games malalaro muna , ps3 games , online games .dota 2 .

  8. B2G, ask po kung makakalaro nako nang dota 2 dito nang naka high lahat sa settings? i mean ung shadowing , texture, water etc?
    thankyou sa sagot, at Dragon nest na high settings w/ smooth performance. TIA!

    1. Sa DOTA2 siguro keribels na yan same with Dragon nest lalo na kung 720p lang resolution mo, kung 1080p sa DN kaya pa rin pero DOTA2 patayin mo na lang anti-alias.

  9. boss ung post nyo po 15k budget ngaun 2015 po yan?gsto ko kc mag build after holyweek..gsto ko ma max ung dota2 and mka run na po yan ng guildwars 2?planing 2 buy din kc boss.

    1. May updated na nyan bro pero pwede pakita yan dun sa shop na bilhan mo maadjust naman nila yan based sa kung ano meron sila basta same specs or better at pasok sa budget, its good na naman.

  10. 15k lng po tlga dn kc budget ko..mntor ko 21inch so okay na cgro un..san po ba mka hnap ng pricelist sa 2015 comp parts boss?thanks 🙂

  11. Hello sirs! Need a verdict on this build of mine. Just for playing nba 2k13, gta4, dota, and battlefield.
    Gonna be buying almost everything at Dynaquest(unless stocks run out).

    Processor: Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz – Php 2,600
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H81M DS 2 – Php 2,450
    Memory: G.skill RipjawsX 4gb ddr3 1600 CL9 – Php 1,750
    GPU: Sapphire R7-240 2gb ddr3 128bit Boost – Php 2,950
    PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze – Php 1,950
    Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB – Php 2,590
    Case: Aerocool GT Black Gaming – Php 1,250
    Keyboard&Mouse Combo: A4Tech KRS-8372 – Php 395

    Total Price: Php 15,935 (Maybe i can get a discount at dynaquest?, can that happen?)

    Keeping it tight at around 15k. Thanks for the verdict B2G

  12. Hello guys, can you help me budget for a gaming PC, i just need a system unit, with good specs maybe 15k below ung budget ko for that… Im playing Dragon Nest, Im not good at pc specs, kaya na padaan me dito sa thread ninyo, can you give me some advice kung ano ung affortable specs for gaming… I like MMORPG, games, ung sakto lang ung reso 1360×768 is fine, di naman ako hard gamer. gusto ko lang ung comfortable ung pag lalaro ko.,.
    For now im using my laptop, which gives me lag, di kaya mag PVP when im playing DN, ung graphics nag kakaroon ng stretch, sa screen lalo na pag overcrowded ung server… So im planning to buy a pc which preferred for gaming styles…
    Can you please help me or advice. po ung kaya lng po ng budget..
    Thank you

  13. Hello Guys !! :)))) gusto ko sanang bumuo ng pang gaming na pisonet .
    suggestion naman po.. thank you in advance.. :))
    15K pababa ung budget ! :))))))))

  14. Good day Sir. Not a type of guy who is techy but I’m planning to buy a Gaming PC build for this up coming Dec. Budget 15k to 17k tops. Can anyone help me, pretty please. Thank in advance!

  15. Good day sir.
    Ask ko lang kung okay ba to. For Dota2 at browsing.

    Processor: Intel pentium cpu g3260 3.5Ghz P2800
    MoBo: Gigabyte H81M P2640
    RAM: Apotop 4GB DDR3 P1350
    STORAGE: Seagate 1tb 7200RPM 64MB P2650
    PSU: Corsair VA 450W P1670
    Case: Aero cool gt black P1250

    Ano pong ma iisuggest nyo na GPU for Dota2? At ookay na po ba ito for programming?
    Salamat po.

  16. Good day sir.
    Ask ko lang kung okay ba to. For Dota2 at browsing.

    Processor: Intel pentium cpu g3260 3.5Ghz P2800
    MoBo: Gigabyte H81M P2640
    RAM: Apotop 4GB DDR3 P1350
    STORAGE: Seagate 1tb 7200RPM 64MB P2650
    PSU: Corsair VA 450W P1670
    Case: Aero cool gt black P1250

    Ano pong ma iisuggest nyo na GPU for Dota2? At ookay na po ba ito for programming?
    Salamat po

  17. Good morning sir

    Nasira na kasi yung old pc namen na binili nila na umabot ng 30k hindi pa kasi ako marunong sa mga specs ng cpu’s, High to Ultra Gaming Rig na sana yun kung nalaman ko lang ng maaga, pero okay lang hehe, bumigay na sya after 8 years haha. So nag hanap ako ng site na baka makatulong sakin and then nakita ko tong site nyo. Good to know meron kayong mga budget friendly builds pero hindi pa ako ganun karunong mag build. So kung okay lang po mag papatulong po sana ako kung ano ang the best build for my 15-16k Tight Budget.

    Meron din po akong tanong regarding sa specs kung alin po ba ang mas better hindi naman po ako hardcore gamer pero gusto ko lang po sana malaro yung mga games ng smooth kahit hindi po high ang settings Online games lang naman po ang nilalaro ko. Sana po makapag suggest po kayo. Either Intel Build or Amd po or kung alin po ang mas better sa dalawa. Maraming salamat po, have a nice day to everyone. 🙂

    1. Intel Build bro and check mo ung mga comments, may mga narecommend ako jan na mejo tailored na for MMO games. Kasama ba monitor sa budget bro?

      Also, nung time na yun bro mejo mahal pa PC kaya ung 30k dati pentium 3 lang siguro un and lowend na vidcard. Not sure though pero its good to remember the old days :3

  18. Hi Sir, need an advise lang mag upgrade lang sana ako, parts by parts,

    i have a6 6400k
    asrock fm2a58m-vg3+
    kingston 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ata im not sure
    generic psu 500w ata hindi rin ako sure hehe

    planning to buy msi r9 270x

    and some friend advise regarding RAM at PSU,


  19. Hello,

    May balak akong mag tayo ng computer shop sa pinas. Yon bang 15k nyo complete na yan at pwede ng gamitin.

    1. Wala pa po monitor yun siguro add another 4k for the monitor and keyboard/mouse good to go na po. Ask your local dealer or retailer if may package sila then pakita nyo lang po specs, meron po siguro sila nyan.

  20. Bro, balak kong magbuild ng custom pc ko.
    Kaya ba ng build na to yung GTA 5? 40-60 fps sana.
    Lol, F1 2015, NBA 2k15. Yan yung iba ko pang balak iinstall.

  21. I want To BUILD Mid RANGE GAMING UNIT with 10k-15k BUDGET … Sir

    can pla y DOTA2, NBA2k15, GTAV, and MOST of ALL MU .. Thanks 🙂

  22. Sir ask ko lang anong magandang specs for gaming at maganda ang settings specially sa CSGO at dota2 balak ko kase magbuild.yung kaya ding magrun ng photoshop,corel at cad.any suggestion po mga sir

  23. hi any suggestions on what build that can play nba 2k17 im not into gaming..i just play nba and counter strike..just use it for browsing downloading movies playing gta as well…a budget of 20k

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