Basic Guide to New World’s Winter Convergence Event

The Winter Wanderer has arrived in Aeternum bringing the Winter Convergence with him. Here are some tips players can follow to enjoy the gifts and treats of the event.

New World PTR has just released its newest winter event in Aeternum. Amazon Games showers players with gifts and treats through the Winter Wanderer. A big fluffy Yeti provides players with a lot of quests for them to accomplish. Satisfy the yeti by bringing him tokens and get rewards for all his hard work. Players can earn skins, pets, and equipment without spending any New World Gold.

Since the event is still in the PTR, there are still some possible changes to the event before it goes live. However, it seems that most of the main content will not be changed and will carry on to the actual servers. The develops has yet to announce the end date of the event in the PTR, so it will be a while till we see the update go live on the main servers. To help players prepare for the upcoming events, here are some bits of information about the event.

The Winter Convergence Festival

The event brings in a new guest, the Winter Wanderer. Accomplish the tasks that he has laid out for the residents of Aeternum and get Winter Tokens. The tokens are the counterpart of the in-game currency New World gold for this event. Winter Tokens can be exchanged for countless items like skins, and weapons. The tokens are redeemable at the Holiday Shop. The yeti will stay within in Aeternum for as long as the event lasts.

As players accomplish more tasks and things for the yeti, they will gain a reputation. Similar to how the reputation system works in regions, the higher players have, the better items they can redeem from the shop. So, making sure that players satisfy the Winter Wanderer’s task will increase the quality of the redeemable items.

In the current PTR servers of New World, one strikingly obvious new feature is related to the weather. It’s snowing! As gamers login into Aeternum, they will notice that most of the regions are covered in white cold blankets. Along with the thick layers of snow, players might also notice the appearance of Northern Lights.

Winter Villages

To meet the Winter Wanderer, players will have to go to the Winter Villages scattered throughout Aeternum. There are four villages in different regions. The first one will be at the south of Monarch’s Bluff. The next village will be at the southeast of Everfall. The third village will be at the north of Weaver’s Fen, while the last one will be at the northwest of Brightwood. Thankfully, these winter villages are marked by icons on the map, so players won’t get lost looking for them. Gamers don’t need to visit every single village as they contain the same functions. Players will only need to go to the winter village most convenient to them so that they can participate in the festival.

Lost Presents and Gleamite Chunks

As players traverse the snow-covered world of Aeternum, players might find new gathering nodes that they haven’t seen before. Lost Presents will be scattered throughout the regions and can be seen alongside roads. These presents contain Recovered Presents that you can exchange for Winter Tokens at the Holiday Hut. At the same time, players might come across Gleamite chunks whenever they traverse certain areas. These chunks can be mined then exchanged for the event tokens. Gleamites only spawn during the night, so keep an eye out for these glowing chunks of rocks.

Decorating Settlements

The Winter Convergence Festival allows players to decorate their favorite settlements with more festive appearances through their combined efforts. Players can access the Town Mission boards where they can do daily tasks attuned to the winter festival. As players collectively complete more and more quests, their chosen settlements will change in appearance. In addition, each settlement will have a Holiday tree at the center. Players can loot the gift pile under the tree to receive a present.

New Ice Caves

Something is trying to disrupt the festivities of the Winter Convergence. Ice Caves have appeared throughout the regions and are spawning yeti opponents for the players. These Ice Caves can be encountered after players accept the Yeti Abound quests from the Wanderer. These quests provide more rewards and reputation points for those who are able to complete them.

Some Tips for the Event

Even if the festival hasn’t gone live on the main servers, it seems that nothing will change from the current content. Here are some basic tips for players so that they can prepare in advance:

  • Lost Presents seem to be static. These presents might spawn in the same areas once they have finished their cooldowns.
  • Gleamite Chunks create loud booming sounds when they crash. They destroy trees, landscapes, and wildlife when they spawn, so make sure to be on the lookout for dead animals and fallen trees after the boom.
  • Before going out to gather Gleamite, make sure to get or eat one of the consumables from the Holiday Shop. All of these meal consumables provide a buff that doubles the amount of Gleamite you get from mining.
  • Aim to acquire the purple-grade weapons from the Holiday Regent tier. These weapons contain luck which is pretty rare for high-gear score weapons.
  • The Transmog skin and the housepet are available at the Holiday Regent reputation tier.
  • Yetis Abound provides the most reward among all the town missions. Make sure to do this quest more often.
  • Spawns from the Ice Cave sometimes drop rare items. They can occasionally drop high-gear score weapons that scale with the players’ level. Make sure to be on the lookout for these rare drops.

There might be some changes once the event goes live, but as for now, these are the main points that players should keep in mind if they decide to partake in the festivities. New World Items from the holiday shop might not come back after the event ends, so players cannot buy them with New World gold. Don’t miss out on the cool event!