5 Tips for Fate/Grand Order Players -

5 Tips for Fate/Grand Order Players

From defeating the mythical creatures that are threatening the world to tiny puffins that are causing an anomaly in time, Fate/Grand Order players must take harsh actions in such scenarios to keep the balance of time intact. If they fail, Thanos may appear, in whatever form, we’re not sure. All fun aside, Fate/Grand Order is a good-looking RPG and one of the few that features turn-based combat tactics.

And with turn-based combat tactics, mastering combat and dealing heavy blows to your enemies can be a bit of a struggle. But, to make things easier for you and help you become a better player at Fate/Grand Order, we will be sharing 5 useful tips that will make you a better player at the game.

But before we do, here’s an answer to people who often ask how to play fate/grand order on Windows.

1 Complete the Daily Quests

For newbies, leveling up your servants is often seems like a hectic task but, if the players don’t miss out on daily quests, they have a pretty good chance of leveling up their servants and also earning a few Mana prisms that’ll come very handy. After completing the daily quests, players are awarded XP cards that are required to upgrade their servants.

And if you regularly complete the daily quests, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your servants and make them stronger, and with each level, they’ll be able to take on the most fierce oppositions. Furthermore, the daily quests are quite easy to complete and would only take a few minutes and if you could spare a few minutes every day, you won’t have to hustle to upgrade servants.

2 Play the Main Story

Some players are often too busy playing the side quests and multiplayer modes that they completely ditch the main story. However, playing the main story offers an opportunity to unlock special features and also earn enough XP cards to easily upgrade your servants.

Not playing the main story can often result in reward-less gameplay and makes everything really hard and without playing the main story, you’re less likely to do well in the game.

3 Farm QP

5 Tips for Fate/Grand Order Players -

The QP is the basic currency that’s being used in Fate/Grand Order and it is used for all types of in-game transactions. From upgrading servants to upgrading skills, QP is necessary for all types of upgrades, and without them, a player is unlikely to make the desired upgrades. For new and old players, farming QP must be your first priority because it will come in quite handy down the line.

For players that are more familiar with Fate/Grand Order, they are often found questioning what’s the point of farming QP? Well, even if you have millions of QP, new storylines, and even will require you to spend these QP in large quantities to get the desired upgrades but if you’re lacking the required number of QP, you’ll be stuck and won’t be able to upgrade your servants. And that’s why farming QP is extremely important.

4 Create a Unique Combination

Fate/Grand Order features a variety of classes and rare type servants and balancing them out is extremely important if you want to win more rounds. Instead of only relying on the rarest servants throughout the gameplay, it’s best to balance out the equation by using a mix of rare and less-rare servants to maintain a strong offensive combination and also keep the cost to the minimum.

Moreover, try to use a combination of unique classes instead of relying on a handful of few to gain more experience and get an edge over your opponents. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses but when you’re gambling with servants from across different classes, you may overplay your opponents in all the scenarios.

5 Complete All Quests and Stories from Special Events

Unlocking your favorite servants is often a dream for a handful of few but, with special events lurking around the corner each month, players are likely to unlock more servants and win exciting prizes after completing all the quests and stories that come with each special event.

Fate/Grand Order is regularly updated by the developers and players often get a chance to enjoy the perks by playing special events. And if you also want to make it to the top leagues and unlock your favorite servants, it is highly recommended to compete in such events and win generous points that can play a vital role in your game’s progress.