100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato

We refreshed our PC Build Guide articles starting with our 15K Gaming PC Build featuring the Athlon 200GE. It was the most basic build we could come up with lots of options for upgradability in the near future. Next up in our PC Build Guide series is our 30K Gaming PC Build. It featured the i3 8100 and the GTX 1050Ti, the perfect pair for an entry level AAA PC, the component choices were geared towards upgradability with up to the latest Core i9 for the CPU and up to an RTX graphics card, all without changing the motherboard or the PSU to accommodate the upgrade. In our Triple-A gaming pc build, we had a budget of 50K and went with a Ryzen 5 2600 and an RTX 2060. This build easily runs any AAA games at Ultra settings up to 144fps on a 1080p screen. For this PC Build, we’ll be doubling our budget to target a capable streaming PC that’s also able to run AAA games on ultra settings at high refresh-rate while being able to stream on FHD at the same time. Of course, this 100k gaming PC wouldn’t be as head-turning without RGB 😉

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Tricia Potato

We have Facebook Gaming streamer, Tricia Potato, who reached out to us and help her build her streaming rig. She is a Tier One Ampfly Talent and is a full time streamer. This is an investment in her career for her to stream the latest titles at the best quality possible for her viewers.

For a 100k PC Build, there are a lot of configurations available depending on the user’s preference. In our case, Tricia potato wanted a powerful pc that can stream and play AAA games on high settings while sporting an clean and cool with RGB. With that said, here’s the rundown of the parts and why we choose them.

PHP 100K Streaming x Gaming PC Build

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -
100K Streaming x Gaming PC Build with BossMac!
Tricia’s 100K
Streaming PC Build
Processor: Intel i7 9700k
Cooler NZXT Kraken X52
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB
(2x8GB) 3000Mhz

GPU: Aorus Extreme RTX 2070
SSD Samsung 850 Evo 250GB
PSU Seasonic Prime 750w Gold
Case NZXT H500
Others: Deepcool RGB200 Pro
PCHub Pricing Total 106890
100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

CPU: Intel i7 9700K

The original plan was to get an 8700k for our 100k PC build, but as time passed by Z370 boards and the 8700K were no longer available on shelves. So we opted for a 9700k CPU instead for virtually the same price as the 8700k. The 9700k has 2 more cores and a stronger IPC than the 8700k, a worthy tradeoff for the lost hyperthreading capability from the 8700k.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X52 240mm AIO

The Kraken X52 is one of the best performing AIOs available in the market. It was really a contest between the H100i from Corsair and NZXT’s offering. The Kraken X52 got Tricia’s approval for the PC’s cooler as it the AIO’s design fits her taste.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite

The Z390 Aorus Elite sits well with our 9700k. The motherboard is pretty much one of the high end Z390 motherboard available in the market, and Aorus motherboards have the most RGB LEDs. So to fulfill Tricia’s request with a beauty and brawns PC, the Aorus Z390 Elite is our choice for our motherboard.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3000Mhz

The RAM was salvaged from Tricia’s old PC to at least save some money on this monster PC build and allot the rest of the budget to other components. The Trident Z RGB 16GB fits the streaming requirement and considering the stale RAM prices of 2019, Tricia can easily buy another 16gb kit to upgrade her PC.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

GPU: Gigabyte Aorus Extreme RTX 2070

Long story short, Tricia is a ROG fan and was planning on doing a full ROG build for her PC. But then she saw the beauty of the Aorus Extreme GPU and fell in love with it immediately (sana all). After seeing the Aorus Extreme, she decided to go for an Aorus build for uniformity and to give the brand a try.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Storage: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB & WD Blue 1TB

Together with the RAM, the SSD and the HDD were also salvaged from her old build. A 250GB+1TB combo is a good choice with her favorite games stored in the SSD and other games stored in the mechanical hard drive. Instead of buying an NVMe SSD to add to the storage, we opted to invest the supposed 5k to other components. And with the same statement as our RAM, she can upgrade to a faster storage at a lower cost later down the road as RAM and SSD prices are getting cheaper. It’s always easier and better to upgrade these type of components later on rather than upgrading the CPU or GPU which requires higher capital and is more hassle to the user.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

PSU: Seasonic Prime 750w Prime PSU

With great power comes with great efficiency. Our PSU of choice is the Seasonic Prime 750w Gold rated powersupply to power our 9700k + RTX 2070 combo. Since Tricia will be using this PC to stream and play at the same time, power consumption is no joke and having a gold powersupply will surely save her some money in the longrun. Moreover, the 750w capacity ensures that she can upgrade to even an overclocked 9900k and RTX 2080TI with a bunch of SSDs or hard drives without any worries.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Case: NZXT H500

We reviewed the NZXT H700 and H400i and both cases proved to be functional inspite of its minimalist look. We opted for the H500 instead of its bigger/younger brothers for practicality as it fits Tricia’s checklist and component requirements.

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -

Accessory: Deepcool RGB200 Pro LED Strip

We went with the RGB200 Pro LED Strip to add more flavor and RGB to the build, we could’ve opted for a cheaper addressable RGB Led Strip but those strips aren’t magnetic like our RGB200 Pro. That said, the RGB200 Pro is magnetic which makes it very easy and convenient to reuse in future PC builds.

Final Note – Before you RANT

100K Streaming PC Build Guide feat. Tricia Potato -
Tricia’s 100K Gaming PC Finished Build

Lot of you would argue the lost value in going with RGB instead of pushing every bit of budget towards the CPU and GPU. But this is what makes PC building a delight. There’s a wide range of components available with different designs(not just RGB) to make your PC your very own and reflect your personality. Some might even contest the Ryzen 2700X against the 9700K because Ryzen is geared towards video editing and streaming. As our 9700K review suggests, the 9700K loses in some productivity geared benchmarks against the 2700X but the Ryzen processor can’t keep up in our gaming benchmarks. As with the PC’s core function which is “Streaming,” the 9700K is the better and practical choice(than the 2700x) because of its stronger single core and gaming performance and the 40watt power draw difference against the 2700X’s bare win over multicore capability.

Planning to build your own Gaming PC? Feel free to message us on our Facebook Page and we will be honored to pick the right components for you!

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