₱15,000 Gaming PC Build Guide 2015

Its been a while since we updated our original ₱15,000 Gaming PC build guide and for good reason, we intended that build to be as market-relevant for at least 2 years but as the PC industry progresses, new releases will phase out older ones and this brings in fresh new level of performance for the same cost we work with. It might not be an big bump but still a highly appreciated one.

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A new, updated guide can be found here:

Today we’ll give our 2015 take on our recommended gaming PC build for a budget of Php15,000, give and take a few hundred Philippine pesos. Let’s start of of with a  quick introduction to the build for those just starting out:

Ever wanted a gaming PC but you are on a budget? Are you thinking to buy those so called “Gaming PC” that are bundled as is? Wanted to build your own Gaming PC but you are still on a budget? or nahihirapan ka lang umintindi ng mga gabay sa google kasi ingles ang sulat nila? Anyway, here’s our updated build guide that you can use as a guide in building you own gaming PC.

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Previous version: ₱20,000 gaming PC building guide.

This time, we decided to roll out a ₱15,000 gaming PC guide where every penny counts. We will be outlining 2 possible builds: one is for an Intel build while the other will be an AMD build. As we outline the components per build, we will also be detailing why we chose those components for the build.

First off, our AMD budget build:

AMD ₱15,000 Gaming PC Build 2015 (Option 1):


In an situation where money is really an issue but the will to have a gaming PC is over 9000!!!, we have to stand to a point where every bit of money is worth spending for this build and it counts. For our AMD budget build, we went for an FX-4300 that features 4 cores processor paired with an R7 250 from Power Color. Why go for FX-4300? Why not an APU? say an A8 6600k? Well we did took that into consideration since the price point of FX-4300 and A8-6600k are almost the same as well as the performance. However, we decided to go for FX-4300 since we want every helpful feature available on our processor for faster processing. The FX-4300 features L3 Cache, Virtualization Technology, 32bit instruction set and a bigger L2 Cache memory which the A8-6600k doesn’t have. FX-4300 is also cheaper in the market.

Now the rest of the components for this build is on the low-end/cheaper/best price performance ratio side because we already spent an amount for getting an FX-4300 and an R7-250.

If you want an idea of the actual performance of this build perform. Check out this video of Battlefield 4 running on FX-4300 and R7 250.

Intel ₱15,000 Gaming PC Build 2015:

Now for an alternative build, we also made an Intel Budget Gaming PC Build.

For this build, we went on with an Intel G3258 processor. It’s a Pentium-class processor but it is built on Intel’s Haswell architecture giving it excellent efficiency and performance per watt. That means that it consumes less power but still carries plenty of processing capability. If you want to see how this processor performs on high demanding games when paired with a high-end GPU, go ahead and visit TweakTown G3258 Review for the actual benchmark in numbers. The G3258 can perform well on some demanding games but it does bottleneck a high-end GPU when a game demands processor power intensively. For games like Dota 2 and LOL, you don’t even have to worry about bottlenecks. We also like to discourage grabbing a processor less than G3258 in terms of performance, you will regret it.

Editor’s Notes: We are not factoring in the overclocking capabilities of the G3258 in this article. We are taking it as it is with out of box specifications. For those who are willing to overclock, from our experience, we have managed to bring the Pentium G3258 to 4.5Ghz at 1.25v in some chips but our average is 4.3Ghz at 1.2v. All overclocks are achieved using the stock Intel cooler only. We highly recommend a beefier aftermarket cooler or AIO water cooler for overclocking though.

You can see footage of how this build performs from video below showing League of Legends running on a G3258 and GT 740.

Also if you want a general idea how these processors perform or rank against the higher end processor, check out Tomshardware Gaming CPU Hierarchy Table.

Now here’s what I call “At your own risk gaming build”. This next build is a personal idea of mine and information of how well does it perform is so few but you can find some in Google.

AMD ₱15,000 Gaming PC Build 2015 (Option 2):

My next build is composed of an APU and an R7 GPU in which I would like to utilize the Hybrid Crossfire idea. The downside of this build is that it is not future proof and the upgrade option is very very limited.


For benchmarking and how it compared to the first two builds. Check out this video of Metro 2033 running on A8-7600 and R7 240. Do also take note that AMD has released their OMEGA Catalyst Driver that greatly improved the scaling performance of crossfire/multiple GPU setup.

We would love to show and test all this builds in different games and genre to show performance in numbers when gaming however due to limited resources we’re still working on it and we’re urging brand sponsors to assist us in delivering components  for the cause. The third build should be more powerful the the first two build but the downside is that upgrade options are very limited and you will have to replace majority of the components if you want to upgrade to a higher-end gaming PC.

NOTE: The prices of each components stated in this guide may differ on the market or on the store you are about to visit. The prices we got here are the cheapest offered based on the pricing of DynaQuestPC, PCHUB, PCNetMiles, PCExpress, Octagon, and Premium Members of TipidPC as of 4/10/2015. Prices may also change overtime without prior notice. Back2Gaming would also like to inform our readers that this is just a guide to help you in deciding what parts to buy when upgrading or building your own gaming PC. We do not intend nor have any intentions to dictate that this build is the right one. You may change every components as you see fit. The build guides stated here are just the CPU itself and does not include peripherals and a monitor. The author would also like to state that it really is tough to make a gaming build lower than ₱20,000 and we have no on-hand testing. The performance of each build may be different from the performance you expect to get from this build.


  1. can this setups run DOTA @ max settings? or any other games that are rather demanding in graphics, if so, what might be the settings to at least make it run 45+ fps?

    1. At 720p it could do DOTA2 max at that FPS rate, disabling shadow and AA should clock it around 50. AAA games like BF4, Watch_Dogs, FC4, Dragon Age Inq, you’re looking at medium settings at around 30-40FPS.

    1. Mostly for budget reasons. Upping it up to a 250x would go past some people’s set budgets. Gladly though, anyone who has an idea about the difference a 250 and 250X is knows their performance threshold and should have an idea if and when they should invest more in the listed specs.

  2. Goodmorning sir! i want to know if the ff listed below will have no incompatibility issues. Will the GPU be compatible with the Processor and the other components?
    Thank you!

    Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 – 2,995
    Motherboard: ASRock B85M-HDS – 2,490
    RAM: Crucial Micron 4GB DDR3 1600 – 1,560
    GPU: Sapphire R7-250 1GB DDR5 – 3,995
    PSU: Xigmantec 400W X-Calibre 80+ – 1,480
    Storage: WD Caviar Blue 500GB – 1,995
    Case: Aerocool GT Black Gaming – 1,280
    KB&Mouse: A4Tech KR-8372 PS/2 – 400
    Price: 16,195

  3. sir which one is better the the first one(amd-fx) or the 2nd option? im actually a fan of intel processors. 🙂

    1. Depends sa preferred games mo bro pero mas recommend ko yung Intel build kung habol mo eh upgradability. Like in the future gusto mo magpalit ng processor and video card, mas madali sa Intel build na toh.

      1. Dota 2 , sf at need for speed po boss mac. Im not into cpu-intensive games kasi. Pang mid range lang ata. Thanks po sa recommendations. Napa.isip din po kasi ako kung amd makalakas kumain ng kuryente at gusto ko din po mag.upgrade in the futurea pagnaka.ipon na.

  4. Boss mac meron din po ba 15kgaming build na i3 yung proccessor or mas maganda/okay na itong g3258?

    1. Need mo na mag-dagdag bro at least 2k siguro for that. Pero suggest namen kung pure gaming, invest muna sa GPU then next upgrade is CPU. Tabi na lang ung G3258 as backup processor or kung magbuo kayo uli. 🙂

  5. Boss Mac, kaya po ba yung 15K gaming build na i3 or i5 yung processor at pede sa mga games na 1080p reso? basta around 15K na budget lng.

    thank you and more power!!

    1. As always, ang sagot bro depende sa games and kung gaano ka ka-demanding sa eye-candy. Kung i-upgrade mo to i3 or i5 yung Intel build naten dito, suggest ko if gagamitin mo sya more on work like graphics and video editing. Pero if for games lang, like ng recommendation ko po ke bro ryescruz, GPU upgrade mas recommended ko bro then pag feel mo bottleneck pa rin ung CPU, next upgrade mo na sya. 🙂 Yun ung kagandahan ng Intel build naten, wide yung upgrade path nya.

  6. Can you please do a 30 000 worth gaming pc i would be enternally grateful if you grant my request if not maybe can you please e mail me the parts and where i can buy it. Sadly I dont know how to choose pc part

    1. You can ask the the shop closest to you and show them the specs list (prices will vary). You can let them substitute equivalents parts if they aren’t available or you could visit another store.

  7. Sir mac magandang gabi po pwede po ba pagawa ng build na gamit ay G3220 pang dota 2 lang po max 1366×768 45+fps pero yung price niya po ay galing sa pinakamurang bilihan hehe thanks po 😀

  8. Will the build work if I interchange some parts? e.g. AMD gaming PC build I bought a kingston hyperx fury instead of a crucial micron

  9. Sir i found this build online. I’m on a tight 15k to 16k budget and i was wondering what your thoughts are in it.

    PROCESSOR : Intel® CoreTM i3-4170 (3M Cache, 3.70 GHz)

    This one is priced at P13,199. What gpu could you recommend for it?

  10. Can the ASROck H81M-VG4 R2.0 support the AMD FX-4300 3.8-4.0Ghz, 8mb 4-core processor?

    Im still new in building a PC. Thanks in advance

      1. I’m still confuse if AMD or Intel for gaming/ office, and a motherboard that can support it and can be upgrade the processor in the near future

        thanks for the respond

  11. Sir ung intel sana ung build ko. Kung papabuild ko pa siya sa mismong store libre lang po ba? Asi d ako marunong mag assimble ng parts tiyaka po install paba ung windows 10?

    1. Yes bro pwede mo pakiusapan ung bibilan mo na pakibuo. May mga shop may charge yun pero may iba rin na free na. Ask mo na lang muna sila. Sa windows hindi ko sure kung bibigyan ka ng copy, ask mo na lang rin para 100% sure ka

  12. Sir tanong ko lang kung kaya na neto ang DoTA2 Reborn. Thanks in advance.

    Processor: AMD A8-7500 Quad Core
    Motherboard: Biostar A70MGP
    Memory: APOTOP 4GB DDR3-1600mhz Dual Channel
    Power Supply: 600watts
    Graphics: AMD Radeon R7

  13. BossMac pwede po ba mag request ng build lang na 18k-25k na i3 or i5 tsaka may OS na. Pang gaming at may kasamang work use gaya ng AutoCad.

  14. Sir ilang fps po pag mid settings?

    Battlefield 4

    Eto po yung build

    AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor

    Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-HD2 Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard

    Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory

    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

    Tsaka mga pasko po lalagyan ko po ng videocard
    Ano po yung magandang ilalagay?
    Para ma improve po yung sa fps

  15. BossMac pwede po ba mag request ng build lang na 15k-20k na i3 or Intel Pentium G3260 meron na pong monitor,key&mouse,speaker

  16. Hello Guys !! :)))) gusto ko sanang bumuo ng pang negosyo/gaming na pisonet . 🙂
    suggestion naman po.. thank you in advance.. :))
    15K pababa ung budget ! :))))))))

  17. Sir balak ko sana mag10 pc diskless. Alin po ba jan ang magandang setup. ito po mga possible games (dota 2, CS GO, Dragon Nest, LoL, CrossFire, Special Force, Rising Force (RF), upcoming 2016 mmorpg)

  18. mga boss i want to play latest games like mad max, witcher 3, gtav, batman arkham knight, can i play these games with those 15k gaming build? kahit 1366×768 resolution low- medium settings

    1. pano kaya boss ung mga games na required ng 4 cores to run the game like dragon age inquisition and far cry 4

    2. Di ko ma-guarantee sa Witcher 3 and batman arkham knight may topak pa sa PC yan kaya di ko masabi bro, sa GTA V definitely makakalaro ka on that settings. For games na quad-core requirement, di naman sa hindi tatakbo ung game more like di lang sya da best or may possible slowdowns sa ilang scene. Based on experience bihira lang game na masasagad quad-core CPU mo kaya pwede mo sya gawin less na consideration.

  19. BossMac kindly pa specify nMan ng exact items na build for gaming like LOL and dota 2
    Nba2k15 with a tight budget of 15k cpu lang meron na ibang peripherals.
    Graphic card

    Sobrang salamat boss!

  20. Ano po difference ng gaming pc build sa pang office sir?. Nabasa ko lng sa comments. Kc balak ko ibuild ung option 1. For gaming resident evil revelation 2, darksouls 1 and 2, metal gear revegeance and etc. But i want also to use it for photoshop editing, sketch up modeling and autocad works. Pero hnd naman madalas as by client request lng. Pasok pdn ba ung option 1?

  21. Hello masters! I just saw this specs from a store:

    Processor: Amd Kaveri A8-7500 Quad Core
    Motherboard: MSI A68HM-E33 V2 Socket Fm2 PCIE DDR3
    Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury Memory 4gb DDR3-1866 Cl10 Black (x2 Bale 8Gb po)
    Graphics: Radeon R7
    Supply: Deepcool DE500 500w

    Complete with peripherals, price is Php 18,070.

    My question is, are these specs enough for gaming (Dota2, Battlefield, Fallout 4) , CAD, and some serious video edits (AfterEffects)? Also, please tell me about its power consumption.

    Sorry I’m just new about these PC things. Please help me. Thanks masters!

    1. Video editing, not gonna cut it. You can be patient but otherwise it’s just not fast enough if you’re into it professionally. Same goes with CAD/CAM. Power draw for that specs would be below 300w so its good enough. Still, if you’re after performance I suggest going for a higher-specced 30k rig, it should pay itself off if with the speed of video editing so you can do more and wait less while the thing renders. For games though, you can settle for a bit lower like our 25k build especially for Battlefield or Fallout.

  22. 15k budget sir. Ang game sana na gusto ko laruin, bukod sa LOL, NBA 2k16 tska WWE2k15. Ano suggestion mong kunin kong pc? :).

    1. Hmmm oks naman yung 2k games tatakbo sya pero if gusto mo mas pulido na experience suggest ko dun ka sa mga 20k builds namen. PEro kung LOL lang maganda na toh bro (y)

  23. AMD Kaveri A8-7500 Complete Desktop Set

    Price : 12,660.00

    Product Specification
    Processor : Amd Kaveri A8-7500 x4 Processor Socket Fm2 3.6ghz Tray
    MotherBoard : Biostar Hi-Fi A70U3P Motherboard Socket Fm2+ Pcie Ddr3
    Memory (RAM) : Apotop Memory 2gb Ddr3-1600mhz
    Case : EasyPC Rakk Gaming Case Black Red
    PSU : Vortex Power Supply 600watts
    Hard Disk Drive : Toshiba Dt01aca050 Harddisk Drive 500gb Sata
    ODD :
    Monitor : Lg 16M37A Led Monitor 15.6″ Black
    Speaker : Invons Headset Black
    AVR : Eco-power Avr 220v/110v
    Mouse : Rapoo NX1710 Keyboard and Mouse Usb Black
    HSF : Q3 Heatsink Fan Intel/amd

    Sir may massuggest po ba kayo sa build na to? plan ko po kasi bumili this christmas. tnx

      1. “Kung bundle yan sir at yan na pasok sa budget nyo ok naman sya pero anong games po ba nilalaro nyo?”

        Dota 2 tska LOL po, 15k po budget ko plan ko rin bumili ng additional memory.

  24. boss mac kakabili ko lng second hand
    intel core i3 2120 3.30 ghz
    kingston 1333mhz 8gb ram
    samsung DvD rom drive
    benQ led monitor 19inch
    casing with psu 600watts
    bale 8k lahat

    Video card nlng kulang anu kayang magandang video card boss saka parang need ko pa ng psu para sa video card
    meron kabang suggestion yung pinaka murang posible mong ma suggest na kaya latest games kahit 720p low-med settings

      1. BossMac pa-suggest nmn po ng build for games like NBA 2k15 / GTA 5 khit ung pang medium res lng po worth 10-15K po sna. TIA!

          1. system unit lang boss mac . ung GT730 ba boss mac mas ok ba ung 1GB n 64bit ddr5 or ung 2GB na 128bit ddr3?

  25. boss mac kung gnitong build lang kaya na kaya ung GTA V / NBA2K15

    INTEL PENTIUM G3260 3.2Ghz
    ASRock H81M-VG4 R2.0
    HyperXFury 4GB DDR3 1866 Mhz
    Sapphire R7 240 2GB DDR3 or Palit GT730?
    ELECTRON 600w PSU??

    TIA boss!

    1. sakal ung GTA V jan sa specs na yan pero nakalow naman siguro tatakbo na. suggest ko GT730 bro, pero parehas lang mahina yun para sa games na yan anlalaki kasi ng graphics nyan :3

  26. Kaya po ba nito yung GTA V and Fallout 4? Yung Skyrim po ba Ultra settings, kaya? Kung hindi po, ano pwedeng i-upgrade?

  27. Wala pa po ba update for 2016 15k budget din po..
    Ask sana ako ng recommendation sir for pc build with 15 to 16k budget for editing softwares like Autocad and Adobe softwares pero,kaya din irun games like LOL,Dota2,Nba2k16 at Total war Rome kahit medium settings lang
    Preferred ko sana itong Intel Core i5-6400 2.7Ghz bale 6 generation na sya at mas mataas na yung integrated graphics nya kahit di kona kaylangan ng GPU nakita ko yung price nito bale P8690 sa Dynaquest…Sana ma replyan nyo

    RAM: 4gb
    Internal HDD: 1T
    Processor:Intel Core i5-6400 2.7Ghz

  28. Wala pa po ba update for 2016 15k budget din po..
    Ask sana ako ng recommendation sir for pc build with 15 to 16k budget for editing softwares like Autocad and Adobe softwares pero,kaya din irun games like LOL,Dota2,Nba2k16 at Total war Rome kahit medium settings lang
    Preferred ko sana itong Intel Core i5-6400 2.7Ghz bale 6 generation na sya at mas mataas na yung integrated graphics nya kahit di ko muna kaylangan ng GPU ngayun nakita ko yung price nito bale P8690 sa Dynaquest…Sa mapansin nyo comment ko.

    Ram: 4gb
    Hard Drive: 1TB
    Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 2.7Ghz

    Hinge narin ako ng Gpu baka mag upgrade din ako sa future
    Thanks in advance sir 🙂

    1. Ginagawa pa namen bro mejo mahal kasi ung Skylake build kaya ang hirap i-fit sa budget limit naten. Kaya for now effective pa rin ung Haswell build pero nakikita ko mga around June baka mag-ok na prices ng Skylake. So far nagpapamahal sa kanya motherboard and mejo limited pa options for H110 kaya tayo natatagal magrecommend ng mga skylake builds.

      Para sa situation mo mejo tali ka jan sa ano mas importante sayo. If importante ung work mo with Autocad and Adobe products, ok na ung i5-6400 since powerful na sya for those applications. Ang concern ko dito is hindi ganun kalakas GPU ng Skylake para panlaro ng 2k16 and Total war rome, kahit ata dota kakarag jan pag medium to high. Kaya siguro low settings pero ikaw pa rin magdedecide dun bro.

      Good idea ung mag-upgrade sa future, for now kung tight talaga budget mo ang route mo jan is i5-6400 + H110 + compatible RAM (DDR3/DDR4?) but I suggest pilitin mo 8GB. For PSU and Chassis, makakalusot ka ng 3 – 6 months sa generic pero MANDATORY na hindi mo patagalin un and upgrade ka kasabay ng GPU mo. Diskarte lang toh para maximize mo budget and build path mo and not recommendation just in case nababasa ng iba toh.

      Tell me what you think bro 🙂

  29. Boss mac may bigay sa akin pc hp elite 7000mt any suggestion sa upgrade nito? Kahit mid-low ng mga fps mmorpg bladensoul battlefield modernwarfare pero madalas ko laruin lol at dota 2. Thanks boss mac

  30. Sir ano po masusuggest nyo na build for dota 2 na hindi bababa ng 45fps kahit sa clash and at high settings. Ang monitor ko po ay 1080p. Thanks in advance.

  31. Sir ok na po ba itong specs na to for online games like LoL dota 2 cs go dragonest?

    Product Specification
    Processor : Amd Kabini Athlon 5350 x4 Processor Socket AM1 2.05ghz
    MotherBoard : MSI AM1i Motherboard Socket AM1 Pcie Ddr3
    Memory (RAM) : Kingston Memory 2gb Ddr3-1600
    Case : Rise 789B Casing Blue
    PSU : Vortex Power Supply 600watts
    Hard Disk Drive : Samsung St500dm005 Harddisk Drive 500gb Sata

    Ndi po kasi ako marunong pumili ng magndang pc sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng tips or advice

      1. boss compatible po ba tong bundle nato? Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2 with A8 7600?
        may forum kasi nag sabi na ang Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2 is not compatible with CPU’s with integrated graphics. ang A8 kasi may integrated graphics na R7 na.

  32. boss mac ito po quotation ng taga shop sakin kasi daw low end na daw yung build at face-out na;

    cpu s-1150 intel g3260 3.3gh 3mb ca 2,850
    mb s-1150 gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2 usb 3 2,495
    vga asus gt730 2gb ddr3 128bit 2,800
    memory kt 4gb ddr3 kvr16n11s8/4 1600 1,100
    avr secure3x220, 1x110v 250
    hd sata 1tb sg st1000dm003 7200 rp 2,595
    casing frontier flare 02 bk 950
    kb & mouse a4tech krs-872 ps2 360
    monitor aoc 18.5″ e97oswnl 3,800
    TOTAL 17,200

    boss mac ayos ba to? mag ikakaganda paba to? salamat. plano kona sana bilhin after your reply. ^_^ para sure.

    1. Parang ang mahal ng memory sa inyo ah hmmm kung kaya pa 8GB mo na bro ung memory. All in all naman ok na toh. Basic gaming PC lang kaya yan DOTA2, LOL, Crossfire and mga average MMOs. Mga AAA games siguro adjust ka na lang sa details para maganda performance 😀

    1. Anong games ba nilalaro mo bro? If dota2/lol or other MMOs ok na AMD rig para mejo less cost for you pero if you’re into AAA games definitely get the Intel build and try to maximize your budget.

  33. Bossmac, okay pa naman po ba yung intel build neto? LoL, 2k games, bioshock infinite mga plano ko laruin pero baka mag ibang AAA pa ako in the future. If ever, ano pa po yung pwede kong iupgrade sa intel build? Kunyare yung gt 740, ano po next upgrade na pwede ko gawin dun? Kakakuha ko lang po kasi nung g3258 ng 2.5k lang kaya pwedeng yung intel build po buoin ko. 15-17k budget po ako.

  34. Bossmac, okay pa naman po ba yung intel build neto? Kakakuha ko lang po ng g3258 ng 2.5k lang so baka yung intel build nalang po buoin ko. Lol, 2k game, bishock infinite, fallout 4 po mga balak ko laruin. Ano po ba pwedeng iupgrade dun if ever na rare na mga components nun? Example sa gpu, ano pong pwedeng alternative or upgrade sa gt740? 15k-17k budget po ako.

    1. Hmmm kung magstick ka jan bro, lahat naman upgradeable pero within the year sana. Pwede ka mag-start muna sa G3258 + 750ti para at least playable yang gusto mong games ng matino sa monitor mo. Ang upgrade path mo is GPU muna unless gusto mong mag-upgrade ng CPU first. Anong monitor size mo bro and resolution?

  35. why not make it GT 740 with at least 1 gb of Gddr5 from either palit, EVGA, or gigabyte? you wont notice much difference when it comes to pricing its only 1k or less. That would be a more cooler rig.

  36. boss compatible po ba tong bundle nato? Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2 with A8 7600?
    may forum kasi nag sabi na ang Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2 is not compatible with CPU’s with integrated graphics. ang A8 kasi may integrated graphics na R7 na.

  37. salamat bossmac, anyways, for you boss ano po ba pinaka ok na mobo for A8 7600 for pisonet? budget ko po is 3k.

    ito po sana yun specs ko:

    Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866MHz
    corsair vs450
    320GB HDD

    ok lang po ba to bossmac?

  38. sorry but this budget build is still have some pretty hecktic price with just a low trend specs.. you can actually get a A10 AMD processor w/ monitor complete build for just 16k..

  39. A8 7600 quad core
    A70hifi board
    Kingston 8gb ram 1600mhz
    WD 1TB hdd
    Amd hd r7 2gb integrated video card
    Case with power supply
    20 inch led monitor
    Keyboard and mouse
    for 17K ok na po itong spec?

  40. boss mac pa check newbie here.
    pang dota 2, LOL, audition, NFS , MUonline lng.. pa advise kung anu mas ok na na combination at kung anu papalitan.

    CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.30 GHz Skylake
    MoBo: Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2
    RAM: Gskill Aegis 8GB 8gbx1 DDR3 12800 CL11 (F3-1600C11S-8GIS)
    GPU: Zotac GT 740 1gb ddr5 128Bit (ZT-71002-10L)
    Alt GPU: Palit Geforce GT 730 1GB GDDR5 64bit (NE5T7300HD06-2081F)
    Storage: Please recommend (budget friendly)
    Case: Please recommend (budget friendly)
    PSU: Please recommend (budget friendly)

    Thanks master.

  41. Boss pa advise naman kung tama mga pinag gagawa ko.. hahaha, newbie lng po.. pa advise nman magandang combination pang dota2, LOL, NFS, Audition, MU, Ragnarok lng..

    CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.30 GHz Skylake
    MoBo: Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2
    RAM: Gskill Aegis 8GB 8gbx1 DDR3 12800 CL11 (F3-1600C11S-8GIS)
    GPU: Zotac GT 740 1gb ddr5 128Bit (ZT-71002-10L)
    Alt GPU: Palit Geforce GT 730 1GB GDDR5 64bit (NE5T7300HD06-2081F)
    Storage: Please recommend (budget friendly)
    Case: Please recommend (budget friendly)
    PSU: Please recommend (budget friendly)

    Tnx master.

  42. boss mac newbie here.. pa review naman po. games ko lng dota 1&2, LoL, audition, MU, NFS, cabal.

    CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.30 GHz Skylake
    MoBo: Asus H110M-A D3
    RAM opt1: Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Single 1600 CL10
    RAM opt2: Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600
    GPU opt1: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5
    GPU opt2: Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128Bit GDDR5
    Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX
    Case: Tecware Infinity USB3.0 Mid Tower Gaming Case
    PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze

    pa advise sa ram and gpu.. also if may changes sa ibang parts. tnx.

  43. Napapansin ko sa mga build na yun na napapabayaan na CPU.

    Take note na karamihan ng latest games ngayon ay nag dedemand na ng QUAD CORE CPU.

    Kaya di ko na recommend ung mga PENTIUM G4400 / PENTIUM G3260 3.3GHZ kasi mapipilitan ka parin bumili ng GPU

    Another thing na kailangan mong intindihin is, anung resolution mo ba lalaruin games mo.

    Kaya sa lahat ng nag nanais mag build ng PC, Eto ang maitutulong ko sa inyo.

    Entry Build [No Video Card or GPU Build since processor has internal / No Monitor]

    720p High to 1080p Low Medium


    > ASUS A68HM-K – 2,345

    > Generic Casing without power supply – 450 [Humanap ka sa mga nag susurplus pc parts mura lang]

    > TOSHIBA 1TB 7200 SATA3 HDD – 2,310 [Base on my experience kasi WD at Seagate ko bumigay]

    > 2x KINGSTON 4GB DDR3 PC12800/1600 – 792x 2 = 1594 [You can go for Hyper X mas better kung may pera ka and please 2 4gb to utilize memory bandwidth properly kaysa isang 8gb stick]
    [Dependent sa memory pag built in video card gagamitin mo.]
    > HEC COUGAR SL-400W ATX PS – 1742 [subok ko to ang tahimik at may allowance ka to upgrade with a GPU or video card in the future]

    Alternate DEEPCOOL DE500 PSU 600W – 1550 [Kung gusto mo pang mag tipid]

    Cost : 11998
    Monitor : Pwede ka naman kasi tumingin sa Surplus or OLX pero kung brand new, eto
    LG 19.5″ 20M37D LED w/ DVI – 3,980 [1600 x 900p resolution]
    ACER 19.5 S200HQL BD LED MONITOR – 3,852 [1600 x 900p resolution]
    Kung 1080p ready gusto mo :
    ACER 21.5 S220HQL LED DVI – 5,508

    Bench marks below without GPU or video card :
    dota 2
    Call of duty advance ware fare
    Farcry 4

    Converting to Mid – High build 1080p to 1440p :

    Kung gagawin mong mid to high range PC to, Video card nalang dadag dagan mo :

    > PALIT GTX750Ti STORMX DUAL 2G DDR5 128BIT 5,690
    > PALIT GTX750Ti STORMX OC 2G GDDR5 128BIT 5,790
    > SAPPHIRE R7 370 2GB GDDR5 NITRO 7,780
    > SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270 2GB GDDR5 256BIT OC 8,000
    > PALIT GTX950 STORMX 2G DDR5 128BIT 7,790

    – Ikaw na bahala depende sa budget mo, may mas mahal pa jan kaso di na praktikal.

    Sa video card yan lang ma susuggest ko pero mag check parin kayu online kung may quality Vcards na 2ndhand which will require expert checking nga lang.

    sana makatulong…

  44. kaya nabang irun ng med to high settings to sa dota 2 and sf2 tong build ko?

    MoBo: Asus H81m – D
    CPU: Intel core i3 4170 3.7ghz
    GPU: Palit GTX750ti2gb ddr5
    RAM: Kingston HyperX 4gb 2 sticks
    PSU: Cosair V650w
    HDD: Seagate 1tb

    okay na po ba to? or still need to upgrade to i5 or no. Thanks!

      1. Bali po bibili palang ako ng Palit GTX750ti after ng processor. ang gamit ko palang yung sa old pc ko, di ko pa inaasemble yung mga binili ko e hehe. ang GPU naman nung sa old pc ko Nvidia Geforce 550 ti. kaya i’m not sure kung mag memed settings yung mga games ko like csgo or dota2 huhu

  45. Hi po BossMac, ano po masusugest nyo po 40k bugdet AutoCad, SketchUp + Vray, Lumion, Revit Architecture Use po.. at pang Gaming nrin po sa free time.. 🙂

    Ano po comment nyo sa build na ito? ok po ba or should i go wih i7..
    Pacomment narin po if meron issues and recommendations..

    thanks in advance!

    Cpu: Core i5-6600K 3.5Ghz 6th Gen Skylake
    Mobo: ASUS Z170M-PLUS 6TH GEN
    Ram: 16gb(2×8) Corsair Vengeance LPX black ddr4 2400
    Storage: SSD 240GB SATA 6GBPS
    Psu: 600w 80+
    Case: Thermaltake Versa H15 mATX Window USB 3.0
    Cpu Fan: Deepcool IceBlade Pro V2

    P.S. Pasuggest nrin po ng Monitor(5-7k budget) 🙂

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