Tablets Expected to Take Charge of the Gaming Market in 2016

Whenever the mobile market is discussed, there always appears to be a heavy emphasis on the role that smartphones have played in driving growth. While this may be fair in general terms, however, when it comes to gaming it seems as though tablets (and more specifically dedicated tablets) are fast emerging as the dominant, seminal devices.

This is embodied by the success of the Nvidia Shield, which is a dedicated gaming tablet that has recently offered customers access to the Twitch game streaming platform through the device. Not only is this device designed specifically to meet the needs of gamers and equipped with outstanding graphical and audio performance, but it also continues to innovate and now provides players with a window into a whole new world of learning, interaction and excitement.

With Twitch now a thriving success story and a place where gamers can watch or broadcast their games regardless of their original platform, this represents a huge boost for the mobile market and tablets as a whole. In fact, it continues a prevalent trend for tablet growth, particularly with regards to the amount that this platform generates from mobile gameplay on an annual basis. If this current rate of growth is to be sustained over the course of the next decade, tablet gaming will not only supersede the desktop alternative but it will also overcome smartphone devices.

While mobile gaming revenues continue to grow consistently, of course, the income generated by tablets is projected to more than double between 2014 and 2018. Tablets drove gaming revenues of a healthy $3.51 billion as recently as 2014, for example, but this figure is expected to rise exponentially over the course of the next two years and peak at $8.18 billion. So although tablets have some way to go to supersede smartphones, their rate of growth and potential for further development marks them as a force to be reckoned with in 2016 and beyond.

While the rate of this growth in comparison to smartphones has caught many off-guard, it is far from surprising in many ways. After all, tablets strike the ideal balance between desktops and mobile handsets, boasting the flexible design and portability of the former while also providing a display-size and graphical capability that is reminiscent of the former. This hybrid device ticks many boxes for gamers, and it was only a matter of time before awareness built and the tablet became the primary device for all types of gaming (from interactive, episodic adventures to free roulette and live casino gameplay).

It was the Nvidia Shield tablet that ultimately provided the breakthrough in this market, creating a dedicated gaming device that has inspired many, high quality imitators since. With the market for gaming tablets becoming increasingly competitive and a number of high-end accessories being released to enhance this experience, it may be sooner than we think before these hybrid devices finally outstrip all of their competition.