iGaming Future: Will Online Casinos Ever Replace Land Casinos? -

iGaming Future: Will Online Casinos Ever Replace Land Casinos?

The online casino industry continues to grow each year. Last year, Grand View Research released a report that states how the global online gambling market size would reach a value of over 59.6 billion US dollars with a growth rate of 11.5 percent from 2020 to 2027.

It’s easy to understand why people are now going online if they want to play real money games. It’s convenient, safe, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There is also a variety of games that people can play. It’s so easy to play any games including teen Patti cash games. Whatever it is that players desire to play, they can do so with just a few clicks or taps away.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also somehow boosted the growth of the online gambling sector, particularly online casino gaming. Since March of last year, many land casinos all over the world were forced to temporarily halt their operations due to lockdowns imposed by different governments. Sports betting also suffered for a while because major sports events like the English Premier League and the NBA had to be suspended.

With all that happening, many people were stuck at home and had to find different indoor activities to cope with what’s happening, and based on what many online casinos have reported, many seem to have found great entertainment in playing real money games. Online casinos reported that since lockdowns were implemented, they experienced a spike in website traffic and new sign-ups.

How Land Casinos Are Doing During the Pandemic

Overall, the gambling industry is thriving amidst the pandemic. However, since last year, many land casinos were ordered to close their doors for everyone’s safety. For the first time, gambling hotspots like the Atlantic City and Las Vegas were seen almost empty and what used to be lively places appeared to look empty and lifeless.

However, things are looking different now since there are land casinos that are back on operations in gambling hotspots like Las Vegas. Still, it’s not as lively as because the majority of the public places right now are still operating at a limited capacity.

In the UK, for example, the Betting and Gaming Council has published a set of safety guidelines for land casinos to follow. Casinos are required to follow a one-way system around the casino with markings that will help direct and remind staff and customers of how to get around the place with physical distancing. The tables inside the casino that can’t be moved apart should also remain close. Customers are also limited in touching things and moving around. Plexiglass partitions between gamblers and staff are also required.

These are safety protocols that are commonly seen in public places nowadays but many casinos are also only allowed to accept a limited number of guests or customers to ensure physical distancing. Unfortunately, there are still some casinos that remain close until today and some of them aren’t even sure if they will be able to reopen.

What The Rise of Online Casino Gaming Means to Land Casinos

Many also found online casino gaming as a safe alternative to gamble during the pandemic and with what’s happening to land casinos at the moment, it’s not odd to think whether land casinos will eventually cease to exist.

Before the pandemic, many are already asking whether land casinos will still be around in the future because online casinos seem to be getting more popular. However, even if this was the case, land casinos were still making revenues like the ones in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has become a gambling vacation spot or even a landmark that it’s hard to say that online casinos will wipe this place off in the future. It’s quite impossible because even if many are now choosing to play online, places like Las Vegas still have the charm that many online casinos just can’t replicate.

With that said, online casinos may be more popular in the future but it doesn’t mean that there will no longer be land casinos by then too. However, it’s worth pointing out that land casino owners should be able to keep up with the digital era.

While the experience of actually traveling to gambling hotspots is completely different than just playing at online casinos, people still want to see the latest casino technologies. And now that we are dealing with a health crisis, people are also most likely looking forward to seeing how land casinos will adapt to the new normal.

Land casino owners surely know what the customers need. For now, many of them are still earning money because the elderly today still prefer playing in an actual casino. However, they should also start preparing for the time that the millennials become the elderly. By then, they should already have adapted technologies that could help them survive in the future.