How to Increase the Chances of Winning in a Roulette

Are you wondering how you can increase your chances of winning a roulette game? If so, we explore the various strategies you can use. Learning how to increase your chances of winning this game is one of the best decisions you can make.

Please keep reading to discover the best casino info in Canada to enable you increase the odds of winning roulette game.

The Rules, Odds, and Payout

First, familiarize yourself with the basics and rules of playing roulette, including the types of bets. Start by trying to figure out why the casino always wins. You will notice that it is due to the unfair payout method, which is 35 to 1.

This payout method is the house edge that applies to all types of bets. Furthermore, all the bets are subject to the house edge. So, be at ease and know that you will lose. But you may also win eventually.

Add Up Your Total Bets Per Spin

Adding up your total bets per spin will let you see if you qualify for the high-limit single zero games. Instead of spreading your bets, add them and go to the single zero tables. If your bets are totaling up to the minimum for a single zero, then it’s more prudent to bet at the single zero tables than at the general gaming floor.

Go ahead and play the single zero game! By so doing, you will be cutting the house edge by 50% as a single zero game gives the house an edge of only about 2.6%

Take the Even Money Bets

For casinos with European bet rules, it is best to bet on even money bets. Although most people love betting the 35-1 long shot, it would be wiser to bet the outside instead of spreading your bets out among many different numbers.

According to the City European roulette rules, if 0 or 00 is your result, you will only lose half of your bet. It will either be a theoretical half or a real-life half based on whether the rule is en prison or la partage, which applies to only even money bets in roulette. It’s the difference between losing all your money or half of it.

Look for Games That Are Slower and Without an Automatic Chip Sorter

The casino always wants you to play faster. The more and faster you play, the more likely you are to lose to the house. Nevertheless, when you gamble, you are purchasing variance. So, take your time and don’t rush.

Your best chance of winning a roulette game is putting your whole stake at once in an even money bet. Try not to forget that you are in the casino to have fun and win. So, the compromise to playing too many spins is to play one slow-ass game with few spins.

Therefore, Find the game with the slowest dealer or the most packed table. The most crowded one is usually the slowest game. Curtail the desire to play fast games as the faster you play, the quicker the house-edge will catch up with you. Exercise discipline and play slow.

Familiarize with Roulette Wheel Designs

Roulette wheel designs come in many variations based on the manufacturer. Visit manufacturer’s websites and familiarize yourself with these designs. Although it is difficult to beat the wheel, assessing the wheels will give you competitive knowledge of which wheels are easier to beat.

Remember, beating a roulette wheel is long-term. So, focus on long-term results. Even the casinos focus on the long-term picture.

Get Expensive Discretionary Comps

Did you know that the casino should pay for your food if you play roulette for over an hour? The house has a very high advantage over roulette and slots players. Thus, casinos should therefore show their appreciation for the player.

The number of players who do not know this is mind-boggling. Luckily, you now know that the casino should pay for your food, drink, and even accommodation!

Furthermore, even when you do not qualify, the casino supervisor can write a discretionary comp for you to access these services. However, some selfish casinos are finding ways of circumventing this fact by writing policies that require you to go and ask for comps from the host directly.

To avoid this selfish act, find a casino that is liberal, where the supervisor can comfortably write discretionary comps for you.

You will minimize your losses if you convince the casino to pay for your food, drink, and hotel. This way, even money that you could have used for food or hotel will go into trying to redeem your losses and, in essence, improve your chances of winning.

Check the Results Board

The board helps predict what will come next if the wheel is biased. The board may also induce you into betting more than you had planned. However, note that the discussion of a biased wheel can open a can of worms. You may or may not believe that they exist.

Even so, they are not easily found unless the casino staff is lax about the procedure. Biases in a wheel are subject to a fine, so it’s challenging to tell even when a wheel is biased. Usually, it will be very subtle.

Nevertheless, an indication of a biased wheel will show on the board. Therefore, keep checking.

Final Thoughts

Roulette is a popular game for most online bettors. Here, we’ve explored the best strategies that you can follow to increase the odds of winning the game.