Finding Loose Slot Games

We all like to imagine that one day we’ll land on a loose slot game and end up with a massive jackpot in our hands. However, there are many determinants that determine whether you’ll win or not the next time you play. And focusing on finding a loose slot machine is just one of the courses of action you can take when figuring out how to play pokies.

What is a Loose Slot Machine?

Let’s start with what it means for a slot machine to be “loose” in the first place. That way you might gain some insight into what to look for. For starters, a loose slot machine means that the payout percentage is on the high end and the slot volatile.

Volatility refers to how often the game pays out, and believe it or not, it’s not always the most highly volatile games you should be seeking. That’s because while some games are highly volatile, they payout so often that it can only be small amounts each time.

In reality what avid players are hoping to gain is an enormous jackpot win on a low volatility game. Which gives the slot a chance to build up to larger amounts between payouts.

Still, you will often see casinos advertise their games as the “loosest” in order to draw in customers. The reason for this is that people who play very infrequently will take the higher chances at payouts knowing that they won’t stick around long enough to hit that big jackpot.

Finding Loose Slot Games

Like the quest for a biased roulette wheel, finding loose slot games aren’t exactly a straightforward process. You may have to explore many different online casinos and free games to figure it out.

However, there is so much information available at your disposal these days, that finding games with high Return to Players isn’t very hard. In fact, once you’ve chosen to play online, you already have a much better chance at finding a winning game than any traditional casino.

The Highest Payout Games

As mentioned, a game being highly volatile does not necessarily mean it is high payout. Since this is determinant on the actual payout rate of the game. For instance, as a percentage, most games online will payout over 95% with some even exceeding that.

If you’re looking for the games at the very top, you may even find games with RTP of 99%. To figure this out, check out the current list of the top paying games. But don’t fall for the idea that new equals better. No matter how many fancy features a game may have, it’s no reflection on how well it pays.

Just take a look at the current top paying games and you may find quite a few games over a decade old. For instance, some that pop up regularly as big payers are Mega Moolah, Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. All of which are also favourites in most casinos around the world.