Features That Make Gaming Sites Similar To Betting Sites

There is always a common trend when we talk about gaming and betting. Many people feel the need to play games and keep the youngster within them alive. Others want to continue supporting their home team into glory. Whilst others enjoy sports betting not on Gamstop and wagering money on games of chance. The underlying trend in all is that human beings do need their downtime. After a heavy week at work, in life, and everything in between, some gaming is the answer to everything we need and want.

Today we take a closer look at the similarities that envelope both gaming sites and betting sites. And we will also give you some hints and tips on how to make the best out of your money wagers at both outlets.

Managing your bankroll

Managing your bankroll is an important part of your gaming experience, and should be given utmost importance. What we always suggest is that you set aside a small amount of play money per week or per month, and never go over that budget. Unfortunately, when gamblers have a bad day at gaming, some choose to wager more money in the hopes of recuperating the losses and hopefully landing big wins with a profit. This scenario seldomly goes this way. Playing in a haste never results in good profits, hence you should stick to your gameplay with your budget. This way, you can play in a safe space without overdoing it.

The need for an e-wallet

Both gaming sites and betting sites require you to have an e-wallet attached to your account. Of course, there are some sites that still offer you the facility to fund your gaming with a credit card (MasterCard or Visa), however having an e-wallet attached to your account is the way forward for managing your gameplay. Having an e-wallet will provide you with that extra layer of security that you need in securing both your play money and your player’s personal information.

Offers and Promotions

Gaming sites like online casinos know that there is a big competition out there to get and retain a solid player base. On the other hand, betting sites do know very well that the sports betting market is overflowing with established and big bookmakers. In both instances, and in the hopes of attracting more players to register and play at the respective sites, both offer their players a set amount of promotions.

For starters when you make your way for the first time at both gaming and betting sites, you will be welcomed with a welcome bonus. Look at this as a small thank you from the site, and some free money to find your way around the casino lobby. At online casinos sites, you will most probably land a deposit match, along with some free bonus spins to kick off your slots journey. Betting sites also appreciate a new player coming on board, and will match your first bet and offer you further bet slips to keep you betting and interested in sports betting.

Betting sites and gaming sites also craft offers and promotions that will see you snag some freebies during the week, on a Monday, and maybe to kick start your weekend. Both sites promise your ongoing promos and offers, with some also focusing on providing you a good time also via gamification.

Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes

We all love freebies, and we all love to get free gifts. Apart from this humans have a competitive spirit, the spirit that pushes you to the limits to achieve more. This is the reason that both gaming sites and betting sites offer their player base VIP Schemes / Loyalty Programs. Loyalty Programs will see you scoop and collect loyalty points whenever you wager money on gambling. Normally, you would have a status bar that will display the progress you made, and the number of loyalty points that are needed for you to make it to the next level. In case you were wondering what freebies are in store if you play at betting sites or gaming sites, here are a few that await:

  1. Monthly Prize Draws
  2. Dedicated Account Manager
  3. Faster Withdrawals
  4. Cashback offers
  5. Lower wagering requirements
  6. Personalized holidays
  7. Birthday Gifts
  8. Tailored Promotions and Rewards
  9. Free Bonus spins / Free Bets

To make the most of VIP programs and loyalty schemes at betting sites or gaming sites, you need to have a simple strategy: Stick with the same site, so that you can make progress, scoop bonuses in between and make it up the site’s social status ladder.

Having your ID verified

You can choose to play at an online casino, or make your way to place a bet on sports, however in both situations, the site will ask you to register before playing. Gambling sites would have a legal obligation to have you register and collect your personal information. Also, an important part of their procedures is making sure you are playing from a country that allows gambling, and that you are also over the age of 18.

When registering at betting or a gaming site, you would need to have a form of identification ready, normally a utility bill that shows your address would be preferred. You would also need to show that you are 18 and over, by showing your passports and or ID card. Also, affordability is a big thing, hence the gambling site can ask you for proof of funds at any given time, and also the source of your play money.

Now that we have looked at both gaming sites and betting sites, you need to decide what site you will wager your money at. Are you an instant gratification player that wants quick results? If you said yes to that question, an online casino site would be best for you, where with a spin of a reel that lasts less than 3 seconds, you will know if you are a winner or not. If you are into sports and want to wager money on real-time events, then sports betting would be a good way forward for you. In both scenarios, welcome offers, bonuses, and endless fun is guaranteed.