Everything You Need To Host A Casino Themed Night For Friends

Whether you’re feeling lucky or just fancy playing in some new casinos, throwing a casino-themed party as in the True Blue online casino is perfect for everyone. It’s fun and easy, and with these simple steps, anyone can host one.

If you like the idea of hosting an event like this but feel daunted at the prospect of organizing it, then fear not—we’ve got all you need to know to make your casino night unforgettable. So whether you’re hosting a few friends over for some drinks and roulette or turning it into a big event with live music and glamour—here are all the things you’ll need to give your guests the high roller experience. So keep reading for everything you need to host a seriously amazing casino night.

  1. Determine the theme of your casino night.
  2. Think about what you want to do at your casino night.
  3. Serve food and drinks in casino-themed dishes, glasses, and utensils.
  4. Keep to one or two colours.
  5. Make sure there’s ample seating everywhere.

Determine the Theme of Your Casino Night

First things first, you need to determine the theme of your casino night. A Casino night with live music and glamour is best suited for an evening event. Think 1920’s glamour, think Wolf of Wall Street-style luxury. If you want something more casual with less fuss, then a night in with drinks and roulette is best for an afternoon or early evening event.

Once you’ve decided on how formal or casual it will be, you can start to pick out decor. If it’s a 1920s themed party with glamorous overtones, then your invitations should reflect that too. This is the first step in planning your casino night, so make it count.

Think About What You Want to Do

Do you need blackjack tables? Roulette wheels? Or are there other games you want to include? Think about what kind of fun activities people can enjoy at your Casino Night, so think about whether they’ll need supplies for any of the following:

Blackjack Tables

Blackjack is the most common game played at casinos worldwide, but you don’t need to be in Vegas to play it. All you need is some blackjack table scenery, and everyone will feel like they’re in one of the best gambling spots around. If this is just a casual gathering, then you can just have dealt cards on an ordinary table. However, suppose you want to raise the stakes for your friends. In that case, there are various types of blackjack table scenery available that will transform any dinner or coffee table into something truly special. Just make sure you know what kind of theme your party has so your decorations match.

Roulette Wheels

Whether it’s turned into a drinking game or not—a roulette wheel is always popular for Casino Night. You can buy a roulette wheel for next to nothing these days; however, you could make your own out of card if you wanted something festive. Just make sure it’s not too big or too small—you don’t want anyone tripping over the roulette table.

Casino Poker Set and Other Poker Games

If this is not just an ordinary party, then you might want to consider incorporating a casino poker set into your evening. Poker is all about luck, so why not try some video poker? You need to have equipment for this game, so there are plenty of options available depending on how many people are attending. If it’s just a couple of friends playing with chips and cards, then you can just have a deck of cards on the table. However, if it’s for a bigger crowd, then you might want to consider buying poker chips and playing with a casino poker set.

Poker Chips

Poker chips are perfect for any Casino themed party because they make people feel like they’re in Vegas. Once everyone is gathered around the table, passing them around on each new bet will heighten the excitement of gambling even more—so make sure you buy plenty. You can also get really creative with your decorations by setting out drinks in unique glasses (which could double up as betting tokens) or decorating some novelty items like martini glasses, fishbowls, or shot glasses.

Dice/Card Decks

Dice and card decks are great if you want to incorporate a games room feel. People can sit around playing dice or cards for as long as they like, making it easy for people to catch up with each other. You just need something there to let people know where and when the games will be taking place, and you’re good to go.

Cigarette Girl

Some might say this is an outdated classic, but using cigarette girl props can really make your Casino Night stand out from the rest. It’s also an easy way to get some more casinos into your event because not only will you have live dealers at the tables, but someone handing out cigarettes on the side too. If you don’t want cigarettes, you can always substitute them for something else, but remember to make your props as relevant as possible. If you’re mad about Vegas, then why not decorate with some neon signs and go all out with the roulette table?

Serve Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t like a meal and a drink? However, having them served in casino-themed dishes and glasses will really up the ante. For instance, why not serve your guests an Ace of Spades cocktail in a blackjack cup with black rock candy as the swizzle stick.

Keep to One or Two Colours

If you don’t choose this beforehand, make sure there are only one or two colours you use for decorations. Too many colours can be distracting, and too much colour can make it look like a regular party. Make sure your rooms are brightly lit, however; Casino nights need lots of light and should go hand in hand with any form of live music or entertainment like Dj’s.

Make Sure There’s Ample Seating Everywhere

There should be enough seating in each area for everyone so they won’t need to stand before they start losing their shoes and pants to house rules. Your guests shouldn’t feel squashed together like sardines in a tin; if anything, make sure they’re spread out nicely throughout the room.

Also: If you intend to place food and drinks all around the rooms, make sure there is enough space (and utensils) to put them down. You don’t want your guests having to juggle their drinks and meals all night—it’ll take the fun out of the whole experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hosting a casino night on a budget, then keep it simple. Casino games don’t have to be expensive; you can simply print out cards at home or use your phone. There are plenty of ideas online that will help you choose just the right casino games for your night without spending much money.