Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap

Valorant Champions 2021, which continued throughout the year 2021 and whose finals were held in the last weeks, left its mark on the eSports world as an event where competition was experienced to the fullest. This tournament is also known as Valorant’s first world Championship.

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap -

Soon we’ll dive deeper into the roadmap of 2022 for the upcoming Valorant Champions tournament. If you’re following the tournament intensively, you might have an upper-hand while betting on the matches. Prepare yourself with all information about the tournament and get a good site to place your Valorant bet on. Let’s dive in! 

How Does the Valorant Champions 2022 Tournament System Work?

The professional arena of Valorant, which is one of the games that eSport fans love to bet the most, attracts the attention of even people who have never been in the gaming world, and has achieved to reach the heights with its popularity, has finally concluded.

Before Valorant Champions started, two more tournaments were organized by Riot Games and other partners in total. These events appear as tournaments where teams compete regionally and compete fiercely for the Champions ticket. Now let’s take a closer look at the challenging roadmap that stretches step-by-step to Valorant Champions 2022.


With the Valorant Challengers tournament, which first starts at the end of January, countless teams begin to compete from different parts of the world. Each region has its own degree system. Top teams that are successful in the Challenger event qualify for the Challenge Finals of that region.

The best teams of this event are eligible to participate in the next Masters event. And the teams with the most VCT points can go to Champions at the end of the year.

Stage 1: 8 best teams qualify for Masters regionally.

Stage 2 & 3: Teams placed in the top row in the Challenger Finals are eligible to attend the Masters event.

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap -


Master consists of 3 events. For the first part of the Masters event, each region hosts its own tournament. While all regions use different formats, the VCT score distribution for all is the same.

Masters 1

In the 2021 season of the Masters 1 event, eight teams from North America competed in the double-elimination bracket. The eight European teams, like the eight Korean teams, played in two GSL-format groups before advancing to a four-team single-elimination bracket. Brazil’s bracket had a simple single-elimination format.

First place received 100 points, second place 70, third and fourth place 45 points. The fifth place team got 20 points, the seventh and eighth team got 10 points.

The participated regions are:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Turkey
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • South East Asia
  • Brazil
  • Latin America

Masters 2 – Reykjavík

A total of 10 teams participated in the Masters 2 event held in Reykjavík. Unlike the first, Masters 2 is an exciting LAN where teams from all over the world compete against each other.

First place was divided with 400 points, second place with 350 points, third place with 300 points, and fourth place with 250 points. The fifth and sixth received 200 points each, the seventh and eighth received 175 points each, and the ninth and tenth each received 150 points.

The participating teams are:

  • North America: 2 slots
  • EMEA: 2 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • South Korea: 1 slot
  • Japan: 1 slot
  • South East Asia: 1 slot
  • Latin America: 1 slot

Masters 3 – Berlin

And finally, Masters 3, held in Berlin, competed in four groups where each team had a double-elimination bracket. A total of 16 teams participated. The top two teams from each group were able to advance to the eight-team single-elimination group. Each participating team will get 175 VCT points for sure, and if they manage to qualify for the grand final, the Champions, they will be able to earn up to 375 VCT points.

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap -

The winning team will have made their way directly to Champions. After Masters Berlin is over, the Last Chance Qualifier would be held, and the final four teams would be determined.

Here is the list of the teams qualified for Champions:

North America – 3 teams

  • Sentinels – with circuit points
  • Envy – with circuit points
  • Cloud9 – with Last Chance Qualifier

Europe – 3 teams

  • Acend – with circuit points
  • Fnatic – with circuit points
  • Team Liquid – with Last Chance Qualifier

Note: Through EMEA events, Turkey and the CIS will get qualifications. The EMEA Last Chance Qualifier will be used to qualify MENA teams.

Brazil – 3 teams

  • Team Vikings – with circuit points
  • Vivo Keyd Stars – with circuit points
  • FURIA Esports – with South America Last Chance Qualifier

Latin America – 1 team

  • KRU Esports – with circuit points

Japan – 1 team

  • Crazy Raccoon – with circuit points

Southeast Asia – 2 teams

  • X10 Esports – with circuit points
  • Team Secret – with circuit points

 Korea – 1 team

  • Vision Strikers – with circuit points

Gambit has won the Masters 3 Berlin.

Champions Slots

Circuit Point Slots

  • North America: 2 slots
  • EMEA: 2 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • Latin America: 1 slot
  • Japan: 1 slot
  • South East Asia: 2 slots
  • South Korea: 1 slot

Last Chance Qualifier Slots

  • North America: 1 slot
  • EMEA: 1 slot
  • South America: 1 slot
  • APAC: 1 slot

Masters Slots

  • Masters 3 Winner: Gambit

One team showed an incredibly unique strategy and stood out from the others to lead themselves to victory. The teams that completed these long competitive matches competed fiercely with each other.

As a result of the fierce struggle, a long-term adventure ended, and the strong team Acend became the winner of Valorant Champions 2021. They won the $350,000 prize and the Valorant 2021 Championship cup. 

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap -sports,

This news made those who did bet on Acend very happy. You can try your chance in the next Championship by knowing all the details about Valorant betting.

The second winner was Gambit Esport, and they won $150,000 in prize money. Team Liquid and KRU Esports placed third, with $90,000 in prizes.

The MVP of Valorant Champions 2021 has been chosen, “zeek” who plays in the Acend team.

Champions Format

Group Stage: 4 groups of four teams in a double-elimination format.

  • Top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs.
  • All matches are Bo3

Playoffs: 8 teams in a single-elimination bracket

  • All matches (excluding Grand Final) are Bo3
  • Grand Final is Bo5