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Esports Gaming in the UAE

Gaming in the United Arab Emirates is really taking off. You might be skeptical, but the truth is that gamers in UAE are passionate about so many games, and they host regular events to express their love for video gaming. New technology has made it simpler for video gamers to connect and experience all sorts of options, including but hardly limited to consoles, mobile devices, and the good old PC.  As a result, you have people who are very happy to participate in various gaming competitions. It’s not just about the casual experience, though. A huge driver for the gaming industry has been the fact that today, more so than at any point in the past, you can play video games competitively and earn money, bragging rights – and no small amount of satisfaction as well.

Popular Online Games and Events in UAE

There are many excellent games you can pick from in the United Arab Emirates. These games have formed strong communities around themselves and have motivated many players to enjoy gaming. As a result, players get to compete in a multitude of titles that are loved by many.  More importantly, you will find numerous competitive events known as esports. There are various tournaments held to cover all sorts of games, including Fortnite Battle Royale, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, and FIFA to name just a few.  All of these games are a perfect example of the high level of interest that people show for competitive gaming in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, these titles have spawned such variety and audiences that you will find many esports betting sites in the Middle East that will happily accept a wager on your favorite esports title.  As such, there are also numerous events that fuel fans’ passion for esports gaming making for wholesome experiences along the way. The UAE holds frequent tournaments in FIFA and Counter-Strike, and the country is steadily branching out towards other games.

Successful Gamers Are Getting Rich in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has similarly produced many talented players who have earned a pretty penny from gaming. Admittedly, the country still has some catching up to do and when it comes to total earnings, Counter-Strike and League of Legends seem to be in the top five titles.  However, it’s true that the UAE can do more to stimulate gamers and make them even more successful. Since the esports ecosystem is fairly new in the country, there are still grassroots communities that are pushing for bigger changes. In the meantime, here is a list of the top-earning players:

  • Big Bird  – $52,024.40
  • Angry Bird – $28,825.08
  • breaker – $23,012.08
  • Rust – $20,120.00
  • Nami – $17,111,66
  • dizzy – $16,317.98
  • KitKat – $15,402.89

Admittedly, UAE players have chosen to compete in games that generally tend to pay a little less. As the Middle East is still a developing region when it comes to esports, it’s logical that it would take some time to see bigger events hosted.  The UAE has been clamoring for the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup, but the country may be missing out on some significant and important events such as the League of Legends Worlds and the Dota 2 International.  Both events are quite important as they draw millions of viewers and many people on-site. The UAE can benefit immensely if it chooses to go down this road and make it so that people host more events right out of the country.

A Final Thought on Gaming in the UAE

Gaming in the UAE is definitely developing at an unprecedented rate. Players in the country will probably have to wait for some time before they can see some of the biggest esports games paid all the respect they deserve in the UAE, but the good news is that things are changing and they are changing quickly.  For those of you looking for a reason to stick around and play competitively in the UAE, you can be certain that the country is quickly moving towards a future where gaming will play an undeniable part and provide players with everything they need for a truly great time.  Sure, the esports ecosystem is only waking up in the United Arab Emirates, but gaming has been around for a while and that is good news for everyone who is looking to enjoy and appreciate gaming in all of its seductive variety. The UAE will become a Mecca of gaming and that is a fact.