A Guide to Esports Betting -

A Guide to Esports Betting

Sportsbooks continue to operate as a moveable feast within the sports betting landscape and they’re constantly on the lookout for new betting options and punting opportunities.

The growth of sports within the COVID 19 affected year of 2020 has been halted somewhat but the move to a more virtual lifestyle has seen a boom in the popularity of Esports consumption.

Whilst playing the games associated with Esports is certainly not a new vocation, the accompanying betting markets and increased finances have seen the sport progress to the next level.

Big-money championships, huge online audiences and training and development programmes have all become part of the new dynamic within Esports.

As a new sport within the sports betting fraternity, Esports have made plenty of seasoned punters stand up with its potential to give bettors quick windfalls and the worldwide appeal of the sport.

With more and more people looking to venture into the world of Esports gambling, here is a guide to Esports betting:

Choose the Right Esports Bookmaker

As mentioned, the increase in sports betting companies offering markets on Esports has been marked – making the choice as to which bookmaker to bet with potentially harder.

Finding a trusted sportsbook is an absolute necessity so ensure that you bet with bookmakers that are licensed and operate legally.

Longevity is always a good sign for any bookmaker, the longer they have been in operation – generally – the more trustworthy they are.

Also be sure to look out for the bookmakers offering Esports specific promotions and offers in order to maximise your Esports betting potential.

Chase the Esports Odds

With Esports being quite a new vocation for plenty of sportsbooks, the odds offered within some of the markets can be generous.

Betting on the outcome of an Esports event can carry many facets, ranging from the outright winner of a tournament, all the way down to the score of an individual fixture.

Look out for the bookmakers offering up competitive Esports odds as well as the companies that have a wealth of Esports market at their disposal.

Variety is key to the appeal with Esports, with sport games, combat clashes and strategy encounters commonplace, meaning within Esports, there is something for everyone.

In-Play Esports Betting

Being able to bet on the move has been integral to the sports betting boom in the UK and beyond and the developments within Esports betting have been revolutionary in 2020.

In-play sports betting can allow odds to alter hugely as the result of a particular contest is ever changing and being able to bet in-play on Esports is a godsend for punters.

Accessing a wealth of Esports betting markets as the action pans out not only gives punters a chance to increase their bank balance but it also presents an inviting opportunity to watch and bet on the action simultaneously.

Packed Esports Calendar

As Esports have developed in popularity within the sports betting sphere during 2020, the number of options punters now have at their disposal within the Esports calendar is remarkable.

In comparison to other sports, Esports can be played at anytime, anywhere by pretty much anybody, allowing the calendar to have a complete look to it.

Players don’t need time to recover from their fixtures due to the lack of physical exertion required to play Esports, meaning matches and contests can be played almost 24/7.

This increase in opportunity can of course be potentially risky for punters but having more chances to win money is never a bad thing for any level of punter.

And with Esports continually growing on an upward trend, the Esports betting calendar will continue to grow over the next few years.