4 Ways To Make Money Playing on Your Mobile Phone

Is it possible to earn real money online? Definitely yes. There are hundreds of options, from part time job and freelance writing, to creating a blog or promoting your social network account. Today, everyone and their brother try to do stuff to make money online.

However, is it possible to make real money online while playing? For example, while playing on your mobile phone when you’ve got some spare time? While this sounds like a dream job (and not even a job), and too good to be true, in fact, such opportunities exist. However, you have to consider carefully what exactly you would like to do to make money while playing on your mobile phone.

How To Find Ways of Making Money

The opportunities are plenty – from mobile casinos to video gaming sites – so it makes sense to define your priorities first, and to set certain criteria that will help you choose the right option.

Online Casinos

Web casinos are a perfect way to make some real cash online by entertaining and having fun. In fact, if you are lucky, you can make not just some money, but life-changing money – for example, if you win a progressive jackpot by Microgaming or NetEnt. In case you become a skilled and experienced poker player, the odds of making some good cash are also high.

In contrast to popular belief, the majority of online casinos are safe to play, they provide reliable services, and value their customers. Of course it is necessary to double-check if the site is reputable and secure, if it has a license, and so on.

However, if the site is decent, and if you spend enough time playing games, you can for sure make some money from time to time, on a regular basis.

Selling Game Items

If you are into video gaming where expensive items can be won, or bought, you can actually develop your character, collect the loot, get some expensive stuff in battle, and then simply sell it to other players!

Stuff in video games can be either earned by hard and dedicated playing, or it can be purchased by those who do not want to spend that much time playing. If you become the one who sells cool stuff, you have a chance to earn impressive sums from time to time, doing nothing but playing.

Watching Ad Videos

While this is not exactly playing, let’s agree that watching videos does not seem like hard work. The point is, there are platforms where different companies upload videos they hope will go viral.

If you watch those videos and add your rating, or comment, or somehow interact with the video, you will get paid. This amount will not be small, of course, but with time – and especially if you have lots of free time to do that! – the earnings can be rather pleasant.

Game Reviews

Again, this is not exactly entertainment, but not hard work, either. If you are an experienced video games player, you can make a valuable contribution to the development of this niche by playing new games and providing reviews on them.

The reviews may be paid for by the developers who want objective feedback about their product, or by platforms that decide whether they should provide this or that game to their customers. If you become dedicated and objective – and witty! – reviewer, you can make good money in no time, or even make this hobby your full-time job.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways of making cash online nowadays. Most of them demand skills and hours of work, others demand time and dedication. You will certainly be able to find something that suits you.