Will Gaming Eventually Replace Favored Sports?

Virtual gaming is a hobby for most people, while for the businesses battling for market share creating these games, it is a billion-dollar industry with fierce competition. While we have the pleasure of sitting back and waiting for the next ‘big game’ to hit the online wires or the shelves of gaming shops, behind the scenes, there are corporations, small up-and-coming design studios, and tech solution providers all researching new trends to identify how they can improve their current popular game titles, break into the market with a new idea and/or how to utilize new technology to maintain or release games with the most up-to-date gameplay.

Will Gaming Eventually Replace Favored Sports? -

Of course, the gaming sphere is big enough to accommodate a variety of gaming companies each targeting their chosen market segments and pitching their wits against competitors within their respective market segment. One particular gaming niche that has risen to stardom and become fiercely competitive is daily fantasy sports (DFS), conceivably the fastest moving online gaming niche today.

With increasing investment into the DFS vertical, we have seen a sharp rise in its popularity. Even to a point in which many participants are shunning favored sports and sports betting by replacing their fixation with the sporting world with DFS gaming. Many DFS fans shun traditional sport and tirelessly research the best daily fantasy sports betting sites in detail here comparing them in order to find the most in-depth platform so they can put their sports management skills to the test.

DFS Offers Sports Fans a Chance to Test Their Sports Skill & Knowledge

Naturally sports fans are competitive, and part of the fun is challenging others for bragging rights, while cash wins are a bonus. Consequently, DFS gaming is a test of any sports fan’s skill and knowledge. Fans of this new revolutionary sports game for beginners, easy to use interfaces offer a doorway into the DFS gaming niche.

In the meantime, experienced players are looking for a DFS platform that offers complex gaming options that put their sports knowledge and managerial skills to the test. If you have heard of the film Moneyball, in which Pete Brand (played by Jonah Hill) persuades Oakland Athletics baseball team manager, Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) to use a system now known as sabermetrics statistical analysis.

In short, fans of DFS can use this system to create teams by drafting fictional rosters consisting of real-life players. By using the sabermetrics system, DFS gaming fans can create their own unstoppable team and enter custom leagues with full seasons, one-on-one matchups, group leagues, and more. Many DFS players now prefer to follow other successful DFS teams to learn and formulate their own winning team resulting in many of these players turning their backs on traditional sports.

New Aggregator Platforms Encourage More In-Depth DFS Platforms

Naturally, technology solution companies have seen the incredible rise of DFS gaming. And as these tech companies have done in many other business niches, some are creating aggregator platforms to disrupt the market.

These aggregator platforms offer those that do not have the technical ability or investment to build, own, and operate their own fantasy sports website. Instead, anyone with the right investment package can use these out-of-the-box white label DFS solutions to start their own DFS gaming website. This naturally creates more competition in the niche.

As new tech, seamless interfaces, cross-platform integration, and in-depth aggregator platforms hit the DFS market niche, other DFS platforms react by adding new features, releasing free play demo options, and providing members with more granular gaming options in order to become more competitive.

By doing this, the platform offers more engaging gameplay, so much so that these tech solutions have instigated the creation of real to life platforms that could sway sports fans to ditch real-life favored sports for daily fantasy sports. Why watch your American football, baseball, or basketball team lose week in and week out when you can do a better job with similar tools available to you in order to create a fantasy dream team via a DFS gaming website?

Rounding up DFS & Gaming’s Potential to Replace Favored Sports

The increased popularity of daily fantasy sports has piqued the interest of tech companies, venture capitalists and investment firms, as well as opened the doors for brand new game development studios to enter the niche. As a result, more money is flowing into this sports gaming niche much of which is being spent on improving existing platforms as well as helping new brands break down some of the market barriers to entry.

This has created healthy competition and a buyer’s market for fans of DFS. And where there is competition in a free market, this inevitably means those providing DFS services will continue to improve their platforms with new features and improved cross-platform support. To a point in which many DFS platforms offer members such in-depth options, some sports fans are ignoring traditional favored Sports in favor of creating customer leagues, teams, and competitions where the skill of the sports game is in the player’s hands.