Why Are Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition Reviews So Bad?

Grand Theft Auto has an army of fiercely protective fans. So, when they aren’t happy with a release, you know it’s bad. This is what happened with Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, also known as GTA Trilogy.

Review sites have been bombed by people who are angry about what they are experiencing when they launch the game. Some have compared it to Cyberpunk 2077, while others have said that’s unfair on Cyberpunk 2077. What we do know is that Rockstar has removed the PC version from its library, so something is wrong. But what?

Rockstar Aimed for the Ground & Missed

The comparison with Cyberpunk is unfair in many ways because CDPR was attempting to develop a unique RPG universe to rival Witcher 3, the pinnacle of role-playing games. CDPR failed, mainly because it was missing several crucial features, lacked the AI required to pull off the concept, and wasn’t compatible with last-gen consoles. Still, the developer’s task was massive.

GTA Trilogy isn’t anywhere near this level as Rockstar simply had to remaster old titles to give them a new lease of life. Sure, a couple of features were introduced, but they weren’t reinventing the wheel, not like CDPR. Therefore, for the game to miss by such a considerable extent is frustrating for players who have spent tens of dollars on the release.

The software is at the heart of the problem, which means everything else is essentially obsolete. It’s so glitchy that it’s almost impossible to play on the PS5, Sony’s latest-generation console. When you combine this with the fact that Rockstar has stopped selling the original versions of the game altogether, the superior editions, it’s not shocking that the reviewers are unhappy.

The Games Mean So Much to Gamers

Something easy to miss concerning the intensity of the reviews is the meaning of the three titles Rockstar has remastered. In terms of commerciality and reputation, they rank among the most perfect games of all time. To put it into perspective, GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas sold over 50 million copies individually.

So, when an assortment of issues popped up, it became clear that Rockstar hadn’t treated the project with the love that players demand. For instance, there are several typos throughout the game, from “enchilaoas” instead of enchiladas to “bearboxes” instead of gearboxes. It’s pure laziness and makes people assume that Rockstar did it as a money-making exercise, rather than to add value to a series that has made, and continues to make, millions of users happy.

Therefore, reviews such as ‘GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is a mess’ and ‘GTA Definitive Edition is the worst thing Rockstar has ever done’ highlight the disrespect Rockstar seemingly has for its legacy.

Customers Won’t Accept Mediocrity

Consumers are entitled. There’s no other way to put it. The last decade or so has created shoppers who use information in a self-serving way, which is unsurprising according to research from Harvey and Martinko (2009). People shouldn’t accept what they are given without questioning it, and this is partly why GTA Trilogy reviews are getting increasingly worse. Firstly, players voice their disappointment. Secondly, they have the vehicle to do it effectively. For example, review sites.

Review platforms are ubiquitous within the gaming industry as they offer people an opportunity to voice their displeasure. However, they ensure users can research products and avoid traps. Around 89% of consumers read reviews before buying products, with 91% rating games higher when exposed to positive feedback, highlighting their importance. This applies to specific regions and niches, too, from video games to online casino offerings in America, Europe and Asia. The latter is at the forefront of the movement since there are several operators for a single location, such as New Jersey, meaning it’s vital for customers to analyze what the best NJ online casino sites provide and whether they are in line with their rivals. Typically, the process centers on bonuses, but it also refers to customer service support, quality apps and the fastest payouts. As the culture within gaming gets stronger, the number of people using review sites will increase, leading to instances such as the one with GTA Trilogy where mediocrity is pointed out for the sake of the community.

It happens elsewhere, so it’s not unique to gaming. For example, eCommerce giants utilize reviews to boost their reputations and improve their financial opportunities. Rakuten, in Japan, is one of the ten most-liked retailers on Facebook, and its popularity has coincided with net revenues of $9.6 billion, their highest ever. Hospitality is another intriguing case study. Did you know that one-third of people won’t eat or drink at an establishment with a rating of 4* or fewer?

GTA Trilogy reviews are bad because Rockstar has launched a sub-par product. As a result, people are using review platforms to voice their pleasure and warn their peers to avoid the latest release in the GTA series.