Tokyo Game Show 2021 - How VR Will Change the Future of Esports? -

Tokyo Game Show 2021 – How VR Will Change the Future of Esports?

The Tokyo Game Show is a great opportunity to catch yourself up to what is new in gaming. The pivotal event in Asia brings together some of the most accomplished developers and creates many opportunities for networking, showing off what the past months have been about and meeting fans’ expectations.  Esports and virtual reality will once again be a part of the Tokyo Game Show in 2021 with the technological aspect always a pivot of the entire event. Among the many meet-ups with developers, true esports fans will have the opportunity to look up some cool features.  Even if you cannot attend in person on September 29, you will be absolutely thrilled to find out more about the event in its entirety and what it is that brings so many people to Japan to witness some of the biggest developments in tech, gaming, and esports.

VR to Play a Huge Part in the Event Once Again

What if you can’t get to Tokyo Game Show in 2021? It’s not a biggie. The event is already prepared to bring you some of the best experiences ever by simply taking you on a Virtual Reality (VR) tour. As it is, fans will be able to access the show directly from an Oculus headset, which is one of the most prominent brands for anything that has to do with VR.  In fact, many VR specialists are attending the event. Ubisoft, one of the flagship developers that will be at Tokyo Game Show’s VR hallways is already developing Oculus-exclusive games that will only work with the headset, and that bring the gaming experience closer to the future which is likely to start featuring a mix of VR and AG options.

Since the entire event will be available as a VR walk-around, other than simply streaming it via Twitch or watching videos on YouTube, you can definitely imagine how powerful these technologies have become.  Go back a decade or so and VR would have been a bit of a far-flung idea, but today, at a time when we all have to sit out fairly restrictive traveling measures, we can transport ourselves bang in the middle of expos such as the Tokyo Game Show 2021 with a single click, or in this case – by donning a headset!

What Games Are Featured? Are There Any Esports?

Japan is big on video gaming and since the country has been keener on holding esports events, you can imagine that interest in competitive video gaming has grown exponentially. The Tokyo Game Show will feature a number of games that qualify as esports, even if the publishers of those games aren’t always promoting them as such.  There are titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL is recognized as a viable competitive option around the world. Despite their “niche” following, they are extremely popular and put an emphasis on the competitive element of games during the Tokyo Game Show. In fact, Japanese culture is quite keen on competing. The country has specific casino games known as Pachinko and those are extremely popular. Players get to experience all sorts of cool gaming scenarios. Of course, the Tokyo Game Show is not about casino games, but rather a traditional video gaming.

However, Pachinko has been inspired by these unique “slot machines.” The Japanese expo will have plenty more to offer, with more promising games lined up for you to explore on your own time. Players are very welcome to dive into the Tokyo Game Show and pick from numerous titles, including:

  • Blue Reflection: Second Light
  • Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires
  • Genshin Impact
  • King of Fighters XV
  • Lost Judgment

There are many more coming, with over 25 confirmed companies that will be presenting the games. Each has a unique approach to the video gaming industry, and each is worth exploring in full. The only drawback here perhaps is the fact that Nintendo will be missing out on this year’s edition.  Nintendo is behind some of the most excellent games out there and its absence will be felt. On the flip side, we have many international companies joining in, including Ubisoft and Microsoft which will help us fill up some of the void that Nintendo is going to leave. For players who are interested in exploring the Tokyo Game Show 2021 in its entirety, there will be many opportunities to do just that. In fact, you may need to never take off your VR set during the event, because there is simply too much to see!