The Long-awaited "Lord of Outland" addon is Already in the Public Domain -

The Long-awaited “Lord of Outland” addon is Already in the Public Domain

Lord of Outland addon

So the day has come for the release of the coveted add-on. Lord of Outland is already in the game and gamers from all over the world are ready to go down into the dungeons, fight bosses for a new, long-awaited loot. Kael’Tas and Lady Vashj are ready to meet the players with open arms. Let’s see what the developers have prepared for the fans.

New raids

Not many raids were added – only two: “Serpent’s Sanctuary” and “Eye. Tower of storms”. Let’s start in order.

The Serpentine Sanctuary

– The raid dungeon is located in Zangarmarsh, Coilfang Reservoir. Designed for 25 players;
– 6 bosses will be waiting in it: Hydross the Unstable, Lurker from the Depths, Leoteras the Blind, Morogrim Wavefoot, Karathress the Lord of the Depths and Lady Vashj is the final boss;
– The raid dungeon is designed for level 70;
– In order to open access to the raid, players need to complete a chain of quests. You can find the starting quest in the Heroic Prison. Skartis the Heretic will give you a quest. At the end of the quest chain, Skar’tis will give you the Vashj Medallion and only then will the raid open for you;
– The raid is available every week;
– As for the loot, you can knock out T5 items: gloves, helmets, pants.

“Eye. Tower of Storms”

The fortress was created by the Naaru. Thanks to knowledge and special technology, the fortress was not only defensive in nature, but also could move through space and dimensions. Once the Naaru made a mistake, and the distraught Kael’Tas and the novices were able to capture the fortress. From that moment on, she has been under their control. Location “Eye” – the center of the fortress. This is where the Sunstrider dwells, who will become the final boss of the raid.

– The dungeon is located in Tempest Keep. Designed for 25 players;
– There will be few bosses: Guardian of the Abyss, Al’ar the Phoenix God, Supreme Astrologer Solarian and Kael’Tas Sunstrider himself;
– The raid dungeon is designed for a level 70 character;
– Loot: Gloves, Armor, Helmets, Pants, Weapons.


The arena was also affected by changes. The second season has begun. Defeat enemies, get “arena points” and buy only the best in-game items. Become the strongest among the contenders, enter the 0.5% of the lucky ones. Only half a percent of players will be able to knock out a unique gladiator mount.

Boosting players

Everyone was once newbies. The game doesn’t matter. Everyone started somewhere. And, the award presented above, it is very difficult to get out. Not an experienced player yet? Just starting to conquer the world of the Second World War, but want to receive top awards? There is an exit.

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Of course, in order to order a BOB boosting there are several conditions that must be met:

– Sufficient character level;
– LVL of items must be maximum (200+ item level for rating 1600) and so on;
– Equipment must have the main characteristic “Versatility”.