Most Popular Car Models In Video Games -

Most Popular Car Models In Video Games

After winning a big jackpot at best au online casino, you can actually go and play a video game with exceptional car selection. Some of the car models are actually available on the market, and they have fantastic features. It is a battle of the greats when it comes to car models in video games. Well, in this piece, we delve into some of the fantastic car models that you can find in various video games. Enjoy!

Volkswagen Beetle

In the popular European market, it is labeled as “the Bug”. It is actually the most featured and the most famous car model in video games. Up to now, it has a total of 300 versions that players of video games can select from. Many of these versions have also featured in famous movies and series. Video games that encompass the Beetle include Need for speed Call of duty, Plants and Zombies, Grand Theft Auto, and The Simpsons: Hit and Run.

Ford Crown Victoria

This car model has featured in games like Dead Rising 3, Call of duty, Need for speed, The Walking Dead, SimCity, Silent Hill as well as some casino games avialble at the best online casinos. Also popularly known as The Crown Vic, it has managed to feature in some fantastic films and tv series like The Walking Dead. The first of its kind was released in the year 1992, and from then on, it has been a favorite of many fans across the globe.

Chevrolet Step Van

Chevrolet has rooted itself in the USA, and it is a fantastic initiative to find Chev in some of the world’s best video games. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, The Sims and The Simpsons have all featured Chevrolet models. Movies like S.W.A.T also got a chance to feature all the Chevs and luckily they managed to blend well with the various crime scenes. The car is now an American model.