A potential glimpse at the Gaming industry in 2050! -

A potential glimpse at the Gaming industry in 2050!

In a span of around 30 years, gaming went from simple 2-dimensional 32-bit games that you could fit on an ancient flash drive to massive files that would take up a fifth of your computer’s 1TB hard drive. Not only have they increased in file size but they have advanced so far in technology that it would be a joke to compare a game from then to a game from nowadays.. Just take a look for yourself to see how a single game character such as Tomb Raider has evolved from the 90s till today…

A potential glimpse at the Gaming industry in 2050! -
Lara Croft over the years

Impressive, right? And that’s not even the start of it. The gaming industry is evolving into something much more than high graphics. We’re also seeing all new ways to play our games in more immersive ways than ever before. So how will we be seeing gaming change in the next 30 years? At this pace, no one could possibly tell as the possibilities are infinite. Here’s a casual creative gamer’s view on what he expects we will be utilising to play our favourite video games in 30 years time.

The first topics that would come to mind, are of course, VR and AR experiences. We’re already getting a big taste of it, but we all know it still needs a lot of work and refinement to reach its full potential. In 2050, VR gaming will be a lot more common than it is nowadays. Companies will have put years of research and effort into perfecting the VR headset, most probably looking a lot more compact than they do nowadays, would have built in sound systems, and possibly even would have fitted consoles inside the headsets! That’s it, imagine having a VR gaming headset that’s also a console, like a VR PSP! The in-game mechanics for VR games will have become so advanced that you will probably be able to control in-game movements with any sudden movements from the tips of your fingers, with special glove controllers, or even specialized controllers you could buy separately to feel like the items you use in-game, like guns for example. We might even start seeing 360 degree treadmills become a thing for us to be able to walk to trigger in-game movement becoming a common household item too.. Who knows!

Let’s not forget VR’s closely related cousin, AR.  Immersing ourselves further into the game is fun, we can’t deny it, but immersing the game further into the real world is no less.  We will surely be seeing a massive improvement in the AR world. Imagine having a game’s elements displayed onto your vision of the real world through a pair of glasses! That’s right, a baby between AR and VR! Imagine you’re playing a game of blackjack on sites such as Comeon Online Casino on your own table at home, while you’re the only one seeing everything cause it’s all visible through the high-tech glasses you’re wearing!