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10 Online Social Games That Support Chatting

Computer gaming has advanced itself to a level where the focus involves much greater things than simple gameplay. The player can create their very own social bubble in many of the games. From chatting with friends on these games to organizing a party and inviting all the friends, one can have their very own social life on such computer games. Here is a list of ten online social games that support chatting.

1. Second Life

It is one of the best MMOs ever created. Second Life is an extremely interactive game where the player holds the power to create the world that they want to. The customization option available in the game is massive. The game allows the users to interact with other players and create new friends. When playing Second Life, imagination is the only limit of the player.

2. The IMVU

IMVU is a game that allows the player to meet new people like Chatiw which is a great platform to meet new people. The game supports 3D avatar chat rooms. In the IMVU, the player needs to choose their 3D avatar first and then s can start the game. The graphics and animations of the game are top class and the user interface is interesting enough to keep the player engaged.

3. Lady Popular

Anyone who has a great sense of fashion would love to play the Lady Popular game. The game supports a chatting platform. In Lady Popular the player needs to dress up a character and further, customize it to make them look pretty. Anyone who wants to experience a fashion lifestyle should try their hands on Lady Popular.

4. The 5 Street

This is another online chatting game where the players can socialize with each other and get dressed to look their best. On 5 Street, the user can create and customize their character and take part in different events organized by other players to showcase their personality. The game supports 30 dance halls where the player can battle out their performance.

5. Habbo

The Habbo game is an amalgam of MMO and virtual world settings. The game provides a great platform similar to CooMeet to meet new players and make new friends. The social networking environment of the game is great. The public spaces available in the game can be explored by the player to get a travelling experience.

6. The MapleStory2

The game looks very cute owing to its blocky graphic design. The MapleStory2 is a part of Nexon’s 2D Maplestory collection. It contains the charm of the game which was present in the very first version of the game. The game follows fast-paced combat where the users engage in online chat to discover events that are going on in the game.

7. Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is an extremely entertaining game that supports a social chat room to meet and talk to new friends. Like other games listed above, it is also very customizable. Most of the player base of the game lies in Asia and now gradually, its popularity is also increasing in the western world. The game supports both solo and multiplayer modes.

8. Roblox

It is one of the most popular social MMO games which is available across multiple platforms including consoles. The game has a user-base of 15 million players and is particularly hit among teenagers. Roblox provides the users with an immersive 3D experience. One can engage in role-playing and create and take part in an adventure in the game.

9. Planet Calypso

The USP of Planet Calypso is its cool graphics. The game is based on a sci-fi fantasy. The user interface of Planet Calypso is pretty simple and attractive. What makes the game really interesting is the involvement of the real cash economy in it. It is also a great game to catch up with friends. Creative lovers would really love this game.

10. The Salem

Salem is a historically inspired social MMO game which makes this particular game extremely entertaining. The unique feature of The Salem game is that in this game, the players are always in survival mode. The objective of the player in Salem is to gather as many materials and resources as possible to survive in the game. However, the game is simply not only about survival as it also allows the players to engage with each other.