Which Factors Help To Create A Successful Mobile Game?

The rise in popularity of mobile gaming has increased to the point where it is now quite a popular method for playing games. Many mobile games have experienced a huge growth with games such as Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, and PUBG Mobile, being some of the most played games over the past few years. Slot game developers have also created some of the most popular online slot games to gamble on mobile devices too.

Although mobile technology can’t quite reach the standards of console gaming, there are still developers who are working hard to create a great mobile gaming experience for gamers. While there are many ways that mobile games differ to other platforms, there are also some factors that are quite similar too. For example, good user experience and graphics are just some of the most valuable factors in any type of game.

Putting user experience first

  • Carefully thinking through the design process

Good graphics are just one of the main factors for successful mobile game development in the gaming industry. In Buildbox’s article they highlight how graphics are just as important as the game itself as if a game does not look good, then no one would be interested in playing it. It’s therefore important to create a playable prototype when testing the game as it can assist with level design and can save some time when making improvements.

  • Understanding what works best for the player

When designing a successful mobile game, it’s also important to understand what is best for the gamer when designing the interface. When creating a game for smartphones and other mobile devices, graphics are just as important as the game itself and sound is also a valuable feature too. User experience needs to be a priority so these elements should not be neglected. Sound and graphics quality could make or break a game so paying attention to what works best can help with replayability and lead to good reviews.

Creating a game that is accessible on a variety of devices

  • Targeting the most popular mobile systems

While consoles like Xbox and PlayStation are some of the most popular consoles to play on, in the mobile industry Apple is dominating sales with their iPhones and iPads. For a mobile game to be successful in the competitive market, developers need to cater for Apple users and target the iOS App Store for downloads. As millions of people use iPhones now, new mobile games that are released for iOS can reach a wide target market. Developers seeking inspiration for their own game can assess how games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale, and Crossy Road became such big hits for iOS.

  • Recognising the potential of mobile gaming

Compared to computer gaming and also many consoles, the big advantage of mobile devices is that gamers can play on the go whenever they like. The limited size of a hand held device means that games designed for this format are generally easier to navigate than other devices. Games that are simplistic in design but are easy to play perform quite well as mobile apps. For example, some of the most addictive mobile games to play right now are simple concepts that are executed well, like Wordscapes, Flow Free, and Draw Something. Mobile has opened up a range of game genres from puzzle to strategy, and trivia to racing, which have been very popular with users.

Attracting a bigger target audience through mobile

  • Recognising the number of users who use mobile apps

One of the main ways that many businesses need to adapt in the present day is by embracing mobile platforms. Websites need to be accessible via mobile devices in order to attract and retain a large percentage of their customer base. In the iGaming industry, many adult players will want to access the latest slot games on their mobile as well as their computers. Gambling operators that have mobile apps can reach more people and introduce their mobile audience to the latest games, bonuses, and new free spin no deposit offers. There is a wide range of slot games that are available online from a range of developers including Play’N Go, Novomatic, NetEnt, and Microgaming that have been developed for mobile apps.

  • Adapting popular video game titles for mobile

Over the years some of the most popular mobile games have come out of already well-established video game franchises. In 2016, Pokemon Go was released which took the world by storm for both new and old fans of Pokemon. By early 2019, the mobile game had over a billion global downloads. In 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released and later PUBG Mobile launched the game into even bigger success. It’s surpassed a billion downloads and is now one of the most played and most popular mobile games. Through the games popularity and the download rate, it’s clear to see just how successful these games are on mobile.