Top 4 Best Gaming Tablets That You Should Have For a Great Gaming Experience

Mobile gaming is becoming popular today, and it is here to stay. Since the tablets operating system has become more powerful to support games having intensive graphics. And there is a big chance you are more experienced in playing games on a tablet compared to console or PC.

So are you wondering which is the best tablet for gaming? Well, here is a list of high-quality tablets that will take your gaming experience to the next level.


If you want to get an innovative game tablet, you should go for GDP XD Plus. It has a small size of 5″ display, but this should not fool you. GPD XD Plus comes with some enormous hardware comprising of a 1.7GHZ CPU and power VR GPU. It has a RAM of 4 gigs and storage of 32 gigs that make it perfect for any severe casual gamer. It has an operating system of Android 7.0, making it an ideal device for gamers.

Amazon Fire 7

If you like gaming, Amazon fire 7 is a fresh choice for gaming at a fair price. It is designed for all forms of entertainment, such as reading, playing games, and watching videos. It offers reliable entry-level performance, excellent ergonomics, and has a display size of 7″ making it transportable.

When it comes to video playback, it supports SD and 720p formats. But for MKV and HD formats, you can download an application from the Play Store since they are not supported. It is an excellent device if you are on a tight budget.

iPad Pro 2018

It has the best overall package for mobile gaming, but it is expensive. iPad Pro 2018 offers a high-performance level that even surpasses devices with a desktop-class chipset. Its stereo speakers and display have an equally more significant implementation that will improve your gaming experience.

You don’t have to worry about running out of charge because you’ll tire up before the battery runs out. But you should note that the tablet tends to warm up when you play games for long. You can buy iPad pro-2018 solely for gaming, as Zockergear recommends.

NVIDIA Shield k1

 It is a remarkable gaming tablet that comes with a controller. It has a display of 1920×1200, making it have crisp visuals, which is what you should be looking for in a gaming tablet.

Nvidia shield k1 is a powerful android phone that has decent a frame-rates and has a few features that make it perfect for gaming. Its left and the right edge are made of rubber to minimize the chance of you dropping it while playing. There are speakers at the top and the bottom to provide stereo audio as compared to most tablets that have mono output. Another thing you should know is that it has a mini HDMI slot that you can use to plug it into a TV and have what you have on the screen displayed on the TV.

From the list above, you can get the best tablet for gaming that best suits you and take your gaming experience to the next level. It is always advisable to always do your research online and consult gaming experts such as Zockergear on the best gaming equipment.1