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The Rise of the Gaming Community on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with over 300 million users worldwide. Twitter is mainly text-based and is used to microblog. People share their opinion and information about many topics from everyday life to political issues. Surprisingly, 65% of Twitter users are gamers which shows just how massive and impactful the gaming industry is. There is a massive 75% jump in discussions that are gaming-related on Twitter which is important for the gaming community on Twitter because it shows that the gaming culture is moving forward and it demonstrates that there is a massive gaming community on social media.

What does it offer?

Twitter is a great place to connect, have conversations and openly share opinions. People often share their opinions shamelessly without any fear of telling things like it is in fact, 49% of gamers on the popular social media platform will most likely share their views and recommendations as opposed to gaming audiences on other social media platforms. That is why Twitter has become a great place for gaming influencers and brands. With the rise of the gaming community on this platform, it has become very easy for them to broaden their audience. They can either buy Twitter followers from growth services such as Growthoid, or they can just invest time in their accounts and attract them organically. Whatever the case, there are many opportunities available in the gaming community, and Twitter gamers often look to Twitter to fulfill many needs including learning the latest gaming tips and tricks, finding out the latest gaming news, and also finding out what their favourite gaming icons think. There were over 2 billion tweets about gaming in 2020 alone which clearly demonstrates how much people are engaging about the topic. Gaming conversations on Twitter generally start with gaming influencers and brands that have a lot of influence and impact on the app and tools such as hashtags help the conversation spread like wildfire.

Why the gaming community has become so big

The year 2020 introduced the world to a massive pandemic that kept everyone at home in front of their computer screens whether they wanted to be or not. During this time, social media has grown rapidly and so has the gaming community. People have a lot more time on their hands which means they have more time to play games and are playing more than ever before because the pandemic and lockdown has kept people confined in their homes. People are choosing Twitter to share their gaming experience because there is a massive gaming community on Twitter and it is an ideal place for gamers to discuss the biggest gaming releases, highlights, and the latest gaming trends that are taking place across the gaming industry. People also go to Twitter to follow popular gaming accounts that have thousands of followers because these accounts keep them up to date on the latest gaming news and they get to engage in conversations about gaming.

How the Twitter gaming community shapes our online culture

Since the gaming niche has demonstrated how massive the gaming culture is, marketers have to pay close attention to gaming. Gaming was listed as the 6th topic that was most followed on Twitter and there were 2 billion tweets about gaming in 2020. Gamers on Twitter also represent a higher-spending demographic in the gaming industry that is worth $99.6 billion, these statistics show that it is a massive benefit for gaming businesses to use Twitter to reach their audience and market their products and services. There is a huge opportunity for in-game advertising which is very popular. In-game marketing enables you to be more visible and it is a great way to gain more customer knowledge because it collects precise data. In-game marketing also sets you apart from your competition because you reach a more specific target audience. These reasons demonstrate why it is a great idea for your brand to invest in in-game marketing.

The gaming industry has always been popular, but it might have come as a surprise to some people just how popular the gaming community is on Twitter. Whether you are a gamer, gaming influencer, business, or brand, there are many reasons why you should be part of this niche on Twitter, one being the popularity you can achieve in a very short time and the number of high quality followers you can get. As a regular gamer, not only can you gain knowledge and the latest news about gaming but you can connect with millions of other gamers in your community. For businesses, there are countless amounts of potential customers on Twitter and with everybody spending more time on the internet, now is the time to act.