The Best Counter Strike Game -

The Best Counter Strike Game

The best and most popular counter strike game has been CS:GO (Counter strike : Global offensive). It is far better than Counter strike 1.6. Counter strike was first introduced in 1999 as a modification for Valve’s half life. The current and most popular variant Counter strike; Global offensive came in August 2012 and can be played across various platforms including PC and Consoles. The aim of the game is about two teams trying to achieve their objectives; it involves terrorists trying to carry out acts of terror and the counter terrorist trying to prevent their attacks.

Competitors are rewarded for their individual performance with the in game currency which can be used to further purchase advanced weapons. Players can also buy virtual goods like skins; modify the outlook and visuals of their weapons.

POPULARITY: CS:GO is roughly 8 years old but despite this its popularity is huge and widespread among many gamers. As at February 2020, the monthly active users of the game peaked at 24 million and it still attracts millions of fans every month who are so devoted to the game-play.

On steam in 2019, the game was one of the most played titles and raked over one million concurrent players on the gaming platform. Even on streaming platforms like Twitch, the game is very popular as professional gamers stream their live plays with lots of viewership in hundreds and thousands.

CS:GO IN ESPORTS: Just like other multiplayer games like Call Of Duty (COD), Dota 2 and League Of Legends. Counter Strike also got itself on the Esport universe, although Dota 2 and League of Legends have their own dedicated championships. CS:GO professional players compete in different tournaments like Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack etc. Intel Extreme Masters had over 273,000 viewers worldwide. The most peaked CS:GO tournament was the final between G2 and Navi which had over a million viewers. Check out here for more information on  Intel Extreme.

Monetary wise, the cumulative CS:GO tournament prize pool worldwide had a staggering $22 million and it is estimated that the figures would skyrocket to $46 million by 2023. CS:GO features characters, new maps, weapons and delivers updated versions of its classic counter strike maps like Dust, Inferno, nuke, train etc. There has also been a recent introduction of new game modes in CS:GO like wingman, Flying Scoutman and Arms Race. There are also online matchmaking and competitive skill groups.


  1. Competitive: This is the classic game mode that made Counter strike what it is today. It consists of two teams of five competing in a best of 30 match using the standard competitive Counter Strike rules. Any team that first wins the 16 rounds in either Bomb Defusal or Hostage rescue game mode wins the match. Players are expected to purchase arms, weapons, defuse or rescue kits and also manage their in game economy effectively.
  2. Wingman: Players earn a Skill Group exclusive to wingman and play using the rules of the Competitive Bomb Defusal. Purchase weapons, arms and defuse kits in an effort to plant the bomb or defend the bomb site.
  3. Casual: Casual mode enables you to opt in and out at any time instead of playing a full 30 match round, you play at your own pace. Casual mode players automatically receive defuse kits and armor, they play with a simple economy. This mode is good for beginners to get acquainted and maintain CS:GO fundamentals.
  4. Deathmatch: This is a casual game mode but is fast paced. It allows respawns and encourages rapid engagements. Players have limited time to buy weapons and engage enemies after spawning. The match attracts bonus points to players for achieving kills with different selected weapons.
  5. Flying Scoutman: This mode allows only the weapons SSG08, sniper rifles and knives. The game mode is gravity reduced and there is no penalty for shooting players while moving. The first team to win 9 rounds claims it all.
  6. Arms Race: Arms race is designed for close quarters combat. Players gain new weapons immediately after making a kill as they progress through the game using different weapons. A kill with the final weapon gets you a golden knife and you win the match.
  7. Demolition: In demolition, players take turns to attack and defend a single bombsite in a series of maps designed for fast paced gameplay. There is an advance of firearms as you kill and continue progressing in the game. The more kills you make, the further you progress towards stronger weapons which gives your team an advantage.

CS:GO BETTING WEBSITES: Any betting site that offers Esports betting, you will find CS:GO. This is because it is the biggest and most popular esport game. Choose any site of your choice and claim your bonus, but take note that all betting sites do not offer the same bonuses and promotions. Some gambling sites that offers CS:GO gambling has a few odds selection of odds that you can bet on, but the best Counter Strike sites for betting offers you a vast selection of odds like:

  • Winner with handicap
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  • First kill
  • Over/under 2.5 maps
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Another enjoyable feature you get from CS:GO betting sites is that they offer live streaming. This means that you can watch a game and bet at the same time. It creates an opportunity for faster bets to be placed on high odds as the game progresses.