Tech Trends 2022 – What will be the Biggest Innovations?

As ever, 2022 is likely to see some major innovations when it comes to technology, whether it will see the launch of entirely new products or new and innovative ways of using those already commercially available.

Here are some trends that can be expected this year.

The term Metaverse refers to a collection of shared online worlds which blends physical, augmented and visual reality.

Dubbed by some the next stage in the evolution of the internet, it is envisaged that it will enable people to work, meet up with friends, buy goods and services and attend concerts and events without leaving their own homes.

Some believe that it could make the transition from the physical to the virtual world a seamless experience, and already some industries have begun to experiment how they could make use of this nascent technology.

For example, the online casino business, already in the vanguard when it comes to harnessing the use of technology – here a list of best online casinos for Canadian players – to enhance the gaming experience for their clients, are certain to find ways to make it even richer.

vintage gray game console and joystick

Given that they are already experimenting with augmented reality to produce online the visual, aural and even nasal effects of actually being in a physical casino, Metaverse offers rich opportunities to take this even further.

And whilst the world has gone increasingly digital, individuals and companies still struggle with security breaches, and the cost of cybercrime continues to escalate. Estimated to have cost the global economy US $6 trillion by the end of 2021, that figure could almost double in the next four years. Artificial intelligence is being leveraged in the fight against these cyber criminals because of the ability of machines to learn and detect novel patterns and react quickly to contain breaches, but there is scope for more to be done in this area.

Technology though cannot counter the problem alone. Society needs to change its view that cyber theft is not victimless crime but one that comes at a considerable cost and one that will eventually be passed on to them by the companies that have suffered a as result of it. Online thieves are not lone warriors fighting against the might of big business, but criminals, just like any other thief.

Blockchain first became known as the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the concept of a distributed digital ledger has now moved far beyond that, as businesses continue to find new and imaginative ways of managing both tangible and digital, assets.

The financial services industry has led the way, but others will surely follow in 2022, and new revenue streams can expect to emerge with more date sharing and transparency across supply chains.

Now that climate change has moved front and centre of the global agenda, companies are having to transition to the use of cleaner resources, energy, fuels and technologies.

Clean tech will not only become a buzz word but an operational necessity for many businesses, and new and imaginative ways must be found to meet ambitious targets. For example, although many countries have pledged to eliminate petrol driven cars within a decade or so, the battery technology does not fully support the switch to electric vehicles yet. There needs to be progress in this area.