8 Most Famous Awards in the World -

8 Most Famous Awards in the World

Awards celebrate the success and achievements of professionals and artists from different industries. Awards are presented as an appreciation for the dedication and hard work they have been doing and encourage them to keep up their work for the time to come. Every big company, including the best online casino Australia, has its own set of awards. And in this article, we are highlighting some of the popular awards in the world.

#1 The Booker Prize

Earlier known as the Man Booker Prize and Booker Prize For Fiction, it is a literary prize which is awarded to the best English novel published in the UK or Ireland. The prize was established in 1060, after Booker, McConnell Limited started sponsoring the event. The winners of this award are assured worldwide success and recognition; therefore, it is of great significance. Additionally, earlier, only novels written by Irish Commonwealth and South African citizens are eligible to acquire the price. But in the year 2014, it was expanded to any novel written in English. Some of the winners of this award include:

  1. Paul Beatty
  2. George Saunders
  3. Margaret Atwood
  4. Anna Burns
  5. Bernardine Evaristo

#2 Nobel Prize

This is not a single prize; instead is an amalgamation of five different prizes. According to Alfred Nobel, this award will go to individuals who have contributed greatly to humankind in the preceding year. Nobel Prizes are awarded to professionals in the field of chemistry, physics, medicine or physiology, Peace, and Literature.

Alfred Noble, who extended the concept of this award, was a chemist, industrialist, and engineer in Sweden and reckoned for inventing dynamite. The prizes are distributed annually, and the recipients are denoted as laureate. The award includes a gold medal, monetary reward, and a diploma. Some of the winners of this award are:

  1. Louise Gluck
  2. Andrea M. Ghez
  3. Roger Penrose
  4. Jennifer Doudna
  5. Reinhard Genzel

#3 International Gaming Awards

IGA is one of the most reckoned awards in the casino industry. This award is backed by some of the biggest names, including The Ritz Club, London. Every year, International Gaming Awards appoint impartial judges that come from all around the World. The panel of judges assesses the casino based on multiple factors, including ease, accessibility, security, innovation, customer experience, etc.

From bonus at House of Jack, customer support efficiency to site’s loading speed, and software integration, everything will be judged. There are multiple awards in it, and some of the winners of IGAs include:

  1. William Hill Casino
  2. Party Casino
  3. Leo Vegas
  4. Mr. Green
  5. 888 Casino

#4 The Academy Awards

Also known as Oscars, the Academy Awards are annual events for artistic as well as technical achievements in the film industry. This award was launched in 1929, making it the oldest award ceremony. They are the most prestigious awards held in the film industry. It is awarded by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science and denotes cinematic excellence.

The winners of this award are presented with a golden statuette as a trophy known as the Academy Award of Merit., commonly called the Oscar. In 1930, the ceremony was first broadcasted through radio, and later in 1953, the event began to broadcast on TV. Some of the winners of this award include:

  1. Bong Joon-ho
  2. Brad Pitt
  3. Laura Dern
  4. Joaquin Phoenix
  5. Renee Zellweger

#5 The Palme d’Or

Introduced in the year 1955 under the administration of the Cannes Film Festival committee, this event is held in France. From the year 1939 to 1954,  Grand Prix du Festival International du Film was the most reckoned prize at the event. It is one of the prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. The prize has been reinvented multiple times, and in the year 2017, the award was redesigned to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the festival.  Some of the winners of this award include:

  1. Wild at Heart
  2. The Pianist
  3. The Tree Of Life
  4. Dancer In The Dark

#6 BAFTA Awards

BAFTA is an acronym for the British Academy Film Awards. This award show is hosted annually by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in order to honor the best British as well as global contribution to the film industry. Earlier, the ceremonies were hosted at the flagship Odeon cinema located at Leicester Square in London, prior to being hosted at the Royal Opera House from the year 2008 to 2016. Since 2017, the event has been hosted at the Royal Albert Hall located in London. Some of the winner of BAFTA awards:

  1. Joaquin Phoenix
  2. Sam Mendes
  3. Laura Dern
  4. Brad Pitt
  5. Renee Zellweger

#7 The Pulitzer Prize

First introduced in the year 1917, this award focuses on magazines, newspapers, literature, online journalism, and musical composition in the United States of America. The award was set by the provisions in Joseph Pulitzer’s will, who made a fortune as a newspaper publisher and is controlled by Columbia University. The prizes are awarded in twenty-one categories annually. Every winner will get a certificate along with a cash reward of $15,000.

The award does not automatically regard all the applicable work within the media. Instead, it only includes those that have been particularly entered. There is an entry fee of $75 per entry category, and it must be a part of at least one category. Every year, 102 jurors are appointed by the Pulitzer Prize Board to administer 20 separate juries for the award categories. Some of the winners of this category include:

  1. The Nickel Boys
  2. Channi Anand
  3. Dar Yasin
  4. Mukhtar Khan
  5. The Tradition

#8 The Golden Globes

These awards were launched in the year 1944 and aim at reckoning excellence in American as well as international film. The awards are presented by the members appointed at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This award ceremony is held every year and is a part of a massive award season in the film industry.

The eligibility of these awards corresponds with the calendar year. To be nominated for the awards, the duration of the film must be a minimum of 70 minutes. Additionally, it should run in a Greater Los Angeles area for at least seven days. Some of the winners of the Golden Globes awards are:

  1. A Place In the Sun
  2. The Robe
  3. The American
  4. The Crown
  5. Going My Way

Final Thoughts

There you have some of the famous awards across various industries. These prestigious awards honor and encourage the professionals to continue to offer the same level of excellence in the times to come.