Most Downloaded Mobile Apps

black iphone 7 plus on brown wooden table

Mobile Apps It has been over a decade since smartphones and mobile apps become an integral part of our lifestyles and the way we interact with each other. Did you know that by 2022, the number of smartphone users was estimated to be 6.648 billion, or 83.89%, of the world’s population? That’s a lot of collective screen time! With numbers this high, the mobile app market is enormous and growing. In 2021, there was a rise in the popularity of some apps from 2020, while a couple of new titles made the top favourites list. Unsurprisingly, the most downloaded app for 2021 was TikTok, which saw a download count of 656 million compared to the 850 million downloads it had in 2020, when it was also in the top spot. To date, TikTok has a whopping 3 billion users located around the world. The other most popular apps for 2021...

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