Once you get over the JRPG element of grinding for credits and over-upgrading your car so you can finally by able to earn enough credit to buy that true racing car you wanted to start another cycle of races, connecting all these is Sony and Polyphony's dream of the de facto Playstation simracer, and Gran Turismo 7 manages to pull off a decent experience, one that's sure to bring back old players and bring new ones alike
Horizon Forbidden West breaks open the true capabilities of the Playstation5 hardware and features large technical improvements to a tried-and-tested game and its existing engine. She may have saved Meridian but the world is still in peril but a newer threat looms in the background. Horizon Forbidden West expands on Zero Dawn's concept and blows it up tenfolds for a very satisfying open-world experience. Read more about Horizon Forbidden West in this #B2G review.
Far Cry 6 is definitely worth your money. Coming in as a noob in the series, I really enjoyed the story, gameplay, and characters, with the only negative is how low the frame-rate drops at cut-scenes. Otherwise, running around Yara is a great adventure.
After numerous failed partnerships with big gaming companies back then, such as Sega, Nintendo, and more, Sony had finally decided to go their own way and create their own original gaming console.