It is a breath of fresh air for anime to show the differently-abled in another light, without fetishizing the condition like most anime and manga do nowadays.
Ghost in the Shell is hardly the 'smoking gun' that proves that anime/video game adaptations will always suck unless they're Rurouni Kenshin good. They managed to get the visuals, sounds, and the themes right. They just missed the train on the story department....something that made the original a classic in the first place.
Assassin's Creed Movie Review -
Assassin's Creed isn't Uwe Boll type of bad. But it was a waste of good elements. My disappointment is better illustrated by my lack of enthusiasm to scour the net for pictures to use in this article.
Rogue One excels in doing what it was meant to do: expand the Star Wars universe by telling the same story from a different angle, adding context to give more meaning to later events in the timeline. While it is a powerful film in its own right, it doesn't overshadow the saga films, but I would argue that it wasn't meant to and while it was basically free from the shackles of the saga films, it doesn't wander too far.
Jason Bourne isn't just a sequel, it's the start of something new. It's a good movie. Good, not great, but certainly not as bad as some other reviews make it out to be. Despite the shaky camera, and the loosely-tied narrative, this movie is still a joy to watch, and definitely deserves its place in the Bourne Cinematic Universe.
Great climactic showdown? Check. Emotional? Check. Thought-provoking? Check. Satisfying? Check. Despite the movie being basically The Avengers 2.5, it doesn't go too far away from its titular character as it follows his side of a conflict that affects each and every one of them.
If you're interested for the character and humor, its definitely an entertaining watch but almost kills itself with a dragging origin story.